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Associated Program: iTunes
Programm Category: CD/DVD Driver

What is  gearaspiwdm.sys

The file gearaspiwdm.sys is a CD or DVD driver which is installed by iTunes as well as other software. The gearaspiwdm.sys file is also known as CDRom Class Filter Driver or CD/DVD Class Filter Driver which belongs to iTunes or GEAR.wrks and developed by the GEAR Software. The file gearaspiwdm.sys encodes registry entries for the application. This driver sometimes causes error because of its x64 architecture (such as XP x64 Edition and Server 2003 x64) incompatibility. If the process is causing problems on your computer system, the user may visit the support page of the Apple iTunes. He or she may also update the programs to the latest version, or uninstall or remove the gearaspiwdm.sys file from the computer system using the add or remove program iTunes or GEAR 32bit Driver Installer software located in the control panel of Windows XP or in the Programs and Features of Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

How can I stop gearaspiwdm.sys and should I?

Most non-system processes that are running can be stopped because they are not involved in running your operating system. gearaspiwdm.sys. is used by iTunes, If you shut down gearaspiwdm.sys, it will likely start again at a later time either after you restart your computer or after an application start. To stop gearaspiwdm.sys, permanently you need to uninstall the application that runs this process which in this case is iTunes, from your system.
After uninstalling applications it is a good idea to scan you Windows registry for any left over traces of applications. Registry Reviver by ReviverSoft is a great tool for doing this.

Is this a virus or other security concern?

ReviverSoft Security Verdict

The ReviverSoft experts have not yet reviewed gearaspiwdm.sys

What is a process and how do they affect my computer?

A process usually a part of an installed application such as iTunes, or your operating system that is responsible for running in functions of that application. Some application require that they have processes running all the time so they can do things such as check for updates or notify you when you get an instant message. Some poorly written applications have many processes that run that may not be required and take up valuable processing power within your computer.

Is gearaspiwdm.sys known to be bad for my computer's performance?

We have not received any complaint about this process having higher than normal impact on PC performance. If you have had bad experiences with it please let us know in a comment below and we will investigate it further.

What can I do if gearaspiwdm.sys is causing errors on my computer?

The first thing you should do if gearaspiwdm.sys. is causing errors on your computer is to run a Windows registry scan with Registry Reviver If you are still seeing errors after this you should uninstall the program that gearaspiwdm.sys, belongs to, in this case iTunes

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