Activation trouble?

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Activation trouble?

Postby RS_Admin » Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:30 pm

Activation trouble?

Unable to activate or register your ReviverSoft product?

Not to worry! We've compiled a quick checklist to get you started:

1. Internet Connection / Firewall
All our products require an internet connection to complete the activation process.
So please make sure you have an active internet connection, before you begin the activation/registration process. If you have a Firewall (Internet Security) program installed on your computer, please disable it temporarily, until after the activation process is complete.

For Advanced Users
You can access the Settings of your Firewall program, manually enable/allow full Internet access for the ReviverSoft product or add it as an Exclusion/Exception within the program.

2. Unnecessary Spaces

If you copy or leave a space at the beginning or end of the activation key/license code, it will make the code invalid.

3. Activating the wrong product
Please make sure you are using your license details to activate the correct product.
All our products require separate purchases and make use of different licenses. Download and install the right product from here.

4. Typing it incorrectly
If you have keyed (typed) in the activation key/license code incorrectly, it will not work.
Please COPY (CTRL+C) and PASTE (CTRL+V) the code directly from your confirmation email, into the field on the product activation/registration window. Click here to learn how to Copy and Paste.

5. Is your license still valid?
Access the My Account section on our website to check the validity of your license.
Your license status could be EXPIRED or REFUNDED, in which it wouldn't work as it automatically becomes invalid.

6. Check to see if you are using the latest version of the software
Product updates are posted here.
If you are using an older version, please uninstall the same, download and install the new version from here.

7. Check your computer's Date & Time settings
On the bottom-right corner of your screen, check to see if the system Date & Time settings are correct.

We hope you were able to successfully activate your ReviverSoft product! :)

Happy Computing!

The ReviverSoft Team
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