Miten päästä irti kannettavan tietokoneen akunHow to Get the Most Out of your Laptop Battery Life

Kannettavat ovat hyvin siirrettävyyden ja mukavuutta, mutta se voi olla niin vaivalloista, kun akku loppuu mehua. Esitämme teille visuaalisen joka lupaa pidempi kannettavan tietokoneen akun avulla parhaita käytäntöjä ja vihjeitä säästää arvokkaita minuutteja.

Save Laptop Battery Life

  • Hi James,

    I agree to a point, I think that either way will cause your battery to wear out. The best option is to take the battery out all together and just have the laptop run on power from the cord.


  • I have heard that too. In fact, when I had a Toshiba laptop (some years now) that’s exactly what the manual advised.

    With the Apple Powerbook I have now, the manual advises to leave the battery in but , when possible, not to discharge it below about 80%, I think it said. I do know the battery has a chip in it that monitors charge level, number of cycles, etc. I have been told that if that chip becomes defective the battery is likely screwed no matter what age it is.

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