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Cómo volver a instalar Windows 7 – Una guía rápidaHow to Reinstall Windows 7 – A Quick Guide

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  • Paul Szabados

    How can I do this “Reinstall Windows 7 when my Computer never came with a C/D.
    It was already installed in it when i bought It?

  • Ray Jones, (Australia.)

    I bought MS OFFICE 2010.

    When will the designers fix this software by designers to create a simple method of

    1. Setting a Title on each page of a document

    2. Create an incremental Page Number for each page of a document.

    The current Office method of doing Titles and Page Numbers in a document was ill-designed by a group who had as their remit to come up with the most difficult and impossible method on the planet.

    Suggest to those designers that they look up the method Open Office uses. MS might get some useful ideas for progress.

    Has anyone cracked a simple method for achieving the above for MS Office 2010? PLEASE HELP?

    Ray Jones.

  • Hi Paul,
    In order to reinstall Windows 7 without the disc, you’re going to need to download an .ISO of Windows, which is another name for a disc image, and then burn it to a blank CD, DVD or thumbdrive. Find the links for whichever version of Windows you have on this page, and also a link to the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. Reboot your PC and enter the BIOS to change your boot order, and boot from the disc or thumbdrive. Enter your existing Product Key (should be on a label on the side of your PC) to reinstall Windows. Reply back with any questions you have.


  • Hi Ray,
    The best way to insert a page number and title in Office 2010:

    • Click the Insert tab
    • Click Page Number
    • Select Top of Page
    • Click Header
    • Click Edit Header
    • Click the Insert tab
    • Click Field…
    • Select the title of the document

    To be sure this content isn’t on the first page of the document, click the Design tab and make sure Different First Page is selected.

    Good luck!

  • pepa

    Dobry den mohly by ste mi poradít ,když zapnu boot menu tak mi nejde klavesnice poradte prosim diky

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