Free Windows Driver Scan

How many outdated drivers does your computer have?

You no longer need to guess! Driver Reviver performs a complete scan of your computer and tells you which drivers you need to update, in order to restore maximum stability.

What is a driver?

Drivers control every piece of hardware connected to your computer, and act as a go-between from your hardware and your operating system. In a way, a driver is like a translator or interpreter. A driver takes instructions from the program that calls it, and in turn, the driver issues commands to the device.

Why update your drivers?

  • Fix bugs, errors and other issues with older drivers
  • Improve long-term reliability of your hardware
  • Enhance performance of devices
  • Unlock and take advantage of special features supported by your hardware
  • Support newer hardware and software
  • Improve compatibility with newer operating systems
  • Extend the useful life of your computer

Driver Reviver helps you:

Scan your computer, back up your old drivers and update them, all in a few easy steps.

Advance your computer’s performance, stability and life with Driver Reviver!