How to expedite your support request

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How to expedite your support request

Postby RS_Support » Mon May 23, 2011 11:18 pm

Are you looking for a quick response towards your Support Ticket?
Need a solution, ASAP?

Well, here are a few tips that will help you EXPEDITE your support request!

General Instructions:

1. Always include your FULL NAME and enter your E-MAIL ADDRESS correctly.
2. Always specify the product/service you are referring to
3. Always include details relevant to your purchase
4. Always remember to be as descriptive of the query/problem as possible

To make things easier, we shall categorize additional tips based on the type of support requests:

For product activation related problems:

- Specify the Product Name and the related Order/Reference Number
- Specify the License code you are trying to use
- Specify the error message you receive (if any)
- Include a screenshot of the problem
- Mention any changes in your computer hardware /operating system (existing customers)

For any product related problems or bugs:

- Specify the Product Name
- Exact details of the problem (error messages, symptoms)
- Details of your Windows Operating System and computer
- Include a screenshot of the problem
- Mention any major changes you're computer has gone through or other observations

For order, payment and refund - status related queries:

- Have you contacted Cleverbridge regarding the status? If No, click here. If yes, specify their response.
- Include all order and purchase related details

To request a refund or cancellation of an order:

- Specify Product Name and related Order/Reference Number
- A brief description of your experience using the product and/or reasons for requesting a refund (cancellation)

If you have purchased a ReviverSoft product from another website/vendor:

- Specify your license details (code/key)
- Include your purchase invoice (.pdf, .doc files)

You are now geared to receive really quick responses to your support tickets! :D
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Re: Tips to expedite your support request!

Postby RS_Support » Wed May 25, 2011 6:38 am

Our Support Forums offer answers and solutions to the most frequently asked product and service realted questions and concerns. So please feel free to browse through our Support Forums, before you decide to send us a Support Ticket. ;)

All Support Tickets are answered within 24 hours, unless of course it is an Open/Pending case that is awaiting an update from our Dev team, in which case we will inform you in advance.

Click here to submit a Support Ticket!

Support Team,
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