How to repair your Windows installation

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How to repair your Windows installation

Postby Reggie » Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:09 am

Are you having trouble with your current installation of Windows? Are you experiencing problems with system files or a specific functionality of Windows?

Most importantly, are you on the verge of formatting your hard disk and re-installing Windows, risking the loss of data?

Well, there's one last option you can consider. :)

A Repair installation of Windows.

What do I need?

- Your Windows Operating System (OS) Install disc
- A working CD/DVD Drive

How do I proceed?

I've picked out a few guides for each Windows operating system. Simply click on the link that corresponds to your Operating System.

For Windows XP:

Repair guide

For Windows Vista:

Repair Guide

For Windows 7:

Repair Guide

Your Windows installation should now spring back to life, after the repairs are carried out! :D

I would also recommend the periodic usage of Registry Reviver, to keep your computer free from registry errors and maintain its stability.

Happy computing!
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