Wow wow wow!

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Wow wow wow!

Postby merwinsson » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:47 pm

Dear ReviverSoft,

Holy smackerel!
Start Menu Reviver is THE BEST start menu I have EVER SEEN and probably ever will see.
Awesome doesn't even come close to describing this beautiful, fully functional, and masterfully crafted piece of software.
Microsoft should be ASHAMED that they did not ship with something exactly like this.
Maybe we should put their next OS release in YOUR hands and we'll actually get something everyone can rave about instead of hate.
The icing on the cake is that your masterpiece is absolutely free.
My hat is off to you.
I will actually look to obtain other paid software from your company given the supreme excellence found in this product.

Yours Truly,
Scott Davis
(Fan for LIFE)
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Re: Wow wow wow!

Postby RS_Admin » Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:55 am

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your kind words! We're elated and appreciate the feedback! :D

At ReviverSoft, we're always looking to make life easy for computer users and help them love their computer again. We believe Start Menu Reviver has helped revive the start menu for Windows 8 by restoring the traditional start menu functionality and fully complementing Microsoft’s new Windows operating system vision by being touch screen friendly and sporting the new Metro look.

The words of encouragement and positive feedback we receive, really motivate us to work harder, to improve the quality, performance and value of our products! We also offer free program updates to ensure you are running the latest and greatest version of our products.

Feel free to drop us a line to say Hello or share additional feedback with us.

Thanks for making our day! And happy fourth of July if you're in the US!

The ReviverSoft Team
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