Start Menu Reviver Configuration Request

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Start Menu Reviver Configuration Request

Postby MarkStega » Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:02 am

I am migrating from a Windows 7 installation to Win 8. Start Menu Reviver is essential. I have hit one limitation that I think would be easily resolved. My current start menu in Win 7 has 42 entries. It would be awesome if you could specify the number of columns in the tiles display. Instead of 32 tiles, I'd add a third column, enabling up to 48 tiles, or if by grouping items I end up needing more tiles (because of some of the large tile groups using only two or three small tiles) I could even add yet another column.
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Re: Start Menu Reviver Configuration Request

Postby RS_Support » Wed Jun 26, 2013 4:08 am

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback.

While we completely understand your need for a third column of tiles, we've tried our best to stick to the default characteristics of a start menu: one of them being its dimensions and the amount of real estate it takes up on the screen. This is all the more important for users with a small screen and that's becoming common these days with devices becoming more portable.

Furthermore, a start menu with three columns would also take up more space when expanded, almost covering half of your screen and that hampers the user experience by getting in the user's way with other tasks running in the background.

That being said, we will take note of your feedback and focus our efforts on offering more tiles within the current start menu and other possibilities of accommodating more start menu entries.

Stay tuned to our Release Notes thread for updates!

You can send in additional feedback to support @ reviversoft .com

Happy Computing,

The ReviverSoft Team
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