Unable to download the software?

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Unable to download the software?

Postby RS_Admin » Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:15 pm

Are you unable to download the software from our website?

Well, not to worry! Here are some quick tips to help you out. :)

1. Check your Internet Security / Firewall program settings

In some cases, it might be your security program that is preventing you from downloading the software from our website. You can either disable your security program temporarily or add the ReviverSoft website and related files to your security program's Trusted Sites/Exclusions list.

2. Check your internet browser settings

You might have your browser's security settings configured to block the download of (.exe) applications. In this case, you need to uncheck the option to be able to download applications or change the security level.

3. Check your internet browser add-ons

If you have a security related add-on enabled within your browser, please try disabling the same before you start with the download.

4. Try a different internet browser

If you are currently using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, try downloading the software using a different browser.
Some suggestions: Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

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Should you continue to experience a problem, do get in touch with us.
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