Changes in PC hardware/Windows OS ? PLEASE READ

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Changes in PC hardware/Windows OS ? PLEASE READ

Postby Reggie » Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:03 am

You will be unable to reactivate your ReviverSoft product under the following circumstances:

1. Replacement / Upgrade of your CPU
2. Replacement / Upgrade of your Motherboard
3. Changes/Upgrades to the BIOS
4. Replacement / Upgrade of your Hard Drive(s)
5. Re-installation/Upgrade of the Windows Operating System
6. Complete System Restore

Why am I unable to reactivate?

When you activate your product for the first time, the program generates a User ID (System ID) for your computer.
This User ID is unique in nature and is generated by our product for your Windows Operating System based on the following hardware combination:

BIOS + CPU + System ID + Baseboard (Mainboard) + Disk Drives (HDDs)

So under these circumstances, when you attempt to reactivate the product, our system checks to see if the license is being activated from the same User ID as the initial activation. Should a change be detected, the program will automatically nullify (prevent) all activation attempts being made from the different User ID (System ID).

How do I proceed from here?

Contact us with the details given below:

Your Cleverbridge Reference Number :
Your license code(s) :
Details of hardware or Windows OS related changes :

Once we receive your request, your product code will be verified and released for reactivation right away! :)
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