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Fix Black Screen of Death in Windows 11

Worse than the Blue Screen of Death is the Black Screen of Death. Why?

You will be given an error code by BSoD, or BlueScreen of Death, which you can work on and look for answers.

It’s similar to going completely dark with Black Screen of Death, with no indication of where to get light.

I’m going to offer some straightforward solutions today. Here are a few solutions you could try to resolve the problem.

Step 1: Restart your computer.

This is a relatively popular fix that you can use to solve most, if not all, problems.

Maybe all your computer needs is some breathing room. Maybe this is the right moment.

Restarting your computer

1. Go to your Start, please.

2. Choosing the Power button.

3. Select Restart from the menu.

Step 2. Get into Safe Mode

If you’ve experienced it shortly after downloading and installing the application on your computer.

I would advise starting your computer in safe mode and attempting to uninstall the most recent program you installed.

If it still does not address the problem, then search for any apps you are no longer using and uninstall them.

To start to Safe Mode:

1. Please restart your computer.

2. Press F8 as your computer is about to show the Windows logo.

3. You should see a bunch of options on your screen, select Safe Mode.

4. Go to your Control Panel.

5. Select the program you’d like to remove.

Step 3: Awaken it

You are more likely to have this issue if your Windows is not detecting your display.

This can be fixed by waking up your display; follow the instructions below.

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard.

2. Then hold Ctrl + Shift + B.

Step 4: Update your Display Adapters

Your PC will be scanned by Driver Reviver to find outdated drivers. Using Driver Reviver, you can quickly and easily update these drivers to provide your PC and its components their best performance and lifespan possible.

Hope the steps above help you resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Have a good one!

Best Regards,

Chris and the ReviverSoft Team

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