Fix Second Monitor not detected – Windows 10

Multi-monitor has been a common trend nowadays, we use it for a multiple of reasons. Whether for gaming, working, or simply love the setup.

Are you having issues installing or getting your second monitor detected?

Don’t worry, I got you. Here are simple solutions to get the issue resolved.

Step 1: Restart your PC

This is a basic fix and mostly applicable for most common issues you experience on your system. Restarting your PC does a lot of things, essentially, it helps your system starts over fresh.

Step 2: Check the Cable Connection

Check the cable if it is properly connected. The cable might not be connected correctly.

You can disconnect the cable and reconnect it again.

If that doesn’t work, please check the cable itself.  You will be unable to get your monitor working if you have a bad or broken cable.

Step 3: Check your Monitor

If you are still unable to resolve the issue by following the steps above, kindly check your monitor. You can use a different monitor to get this done, connect your other monitor to your second monitor’s cable. If it’s working well, then you might have a broken monitor.

Step 4: Get your Second Monitor Detected

If you are sure that your two monitors are working. You can detect your second monitor manually. Most often than not, you just need to get the settings properly set.

To get your second monitor detected:

  1. Please go to your Start
  2. Open Settings

  3. Select System
  4. Click on Display
  5. On Rearrange your displays section, click the Detect button

Step 5: Update your Graphics Driver

If you have a buggy, missing or outdated driver your system won’t be able to recognize your second monitor. To resolve the issue, you must get your graphics drivers updated.

We’ve got our very own Driver Reviver program that can get your drivers updated straight from the original manufacturers.

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