Fixing flicker problems on a PC’s monitor

You’re probably reading this article on your phone or another PC, and you’d like to know how to fix a PC that’s flickering out of control. Here are some great troubleshooting steps you can take to correct your PC’s flickering monitor and get you up and running again!

Possible Causes

Your PC is flickering because of one of three things: a bad display driver, a bad connection between your PC or your monitor, or a monitor that has gone bad.

Here are steps you can take to correct each of these problems.

Bad Display Driver

In this case, the flickering is likely happening after Windows starts up, but not when the PC first starts. Good! What you need here is to restart in Safe Mode. Read that other article about how to do that, then come back here. In Safe Mode, your PC uses a generic display driver instead.

After you’re in safe mode, download the latest driver from your graphics card manufacturer, or for an easier method, run Driver Reviver to get the latest graphics driver for your PC.

Why does my PC's screen flicker? How do I fix it?
Driver Reviver is great for graphics card updates.

Then, restart again in normal mode, and the flickering should disappear.

Bad Connection

This is especially likely when you’re using a VGA cable between your PC and monitor.

Why does my PC's screen flicker? How do I fix it?
This is what a VGA cable looks like.

Since VGA cables are analog, any missing pin, loose connection or other obstruction will cause many display issues, like flickering, bad color and so on.

Try a different cable, or try the same cable on another PC, and see if the problems persist. If you try a different cable and it’s still flickering, the problem may be on the monitor’s end — see below. If you try the same cable on another PC and it flickers, replace the cable.

Bad Monitor

Monitors go bad after awhile, especially if you still have a larger CRT monitor, rather than a flat-panel LCD or LED monitor. Try a different screen on your setup and see if the flickering problems persist. If not, your old monitor is bad; if the problems are still there, try one of the other solutions.

Good luck!

  • sean smith

    This fixed my problem! I have been thinking it was a problem with my pc hardware regarding the Graphics card, but luckily I had a HDTV to test my pc on and the stuttering does not appear to come up on my HDTV so it’s got me thinking its my monitor not my pc hardware, which is a relief I must say! I did not think of trying a different display until I read this, thanks!

  • Thank You Nikola Zigic


  • father india

    my monitor is fine normally, but when i connect to tor network it starts to flicker..and i have to restart again. Can an one help me? What could be the problem?

  • ciberchamo

    yo tengo problemas con mi monitor de mi laptop lenovo sl400, cuando la enciendo, parpadea mucho, pero despues se estabiliza y la pantalla empieza a desvanecer la imagen cada 2 segundos, volviendola totalmente en blanco, como hago para repararla?

  • Victor Hernandez

    buenas, yo utilizo bien la laptop dell hasta que de pronto se realiza como una pixelada parpadeante a lo largo de la pantalla por 2 segundos alguien me podria ayudar diciendo que podría ser? gracias

  • Carlos A. Castro Joffily

    O meu problema é quando eu entro no sistema e o monitor fica piscando de tempo em tempo. Não há nenhuma alteração na tela, apenas o monitor sai do foco e eu não consigo manter-me digitando por exemplo, tem que esperar segundos até que ele pare de piscar pois a piscada interrompe a digitação. Se alguém souber me dizer, seria muito grato. Vou tentar a primeira opção do artigo, pois acredito que seja o meu caso.

  • eliennis

    mi pc es acer y ultimamente me ha empezado a parpadear la pantalla y no se que lo es, ayer la encendi y cuando estaba arrancando el sistema parpadeo tambien si alguien pude ayudarme le estaria agrdacido gracias.

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