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Should you use a Windows Registry cleaner?

As you might know, we at ReviverSoft have an application called Registry Reviver. It scans your Windows Registry — a database that acts as a backbone of Windows — and cleans it out of any broken links, missing references, empty entries and so on. This has the effect of reducing errors, Blue Screens and other PC problems. But do you need Registry Reviver? Don’t take our word for it. Check out this review from

Firstly, it did what it said on the tin – on one computer that we purposely wrecked the registry of, it cleared all the issues and reported errors correctly. We forced a blue screen of death error and it managed to solve this problem in a short matter of time (which we were quite impressed with).

Should you use a Windows Registry cleaner?
The Registry Reviver home screen.

This is what Registry Reviver does — it’s especially useful on older PCs and machines that have been running Windows a long time without a refresh.

The review goes on:

At, we like to think that we are pretty well versed with computers and especially cleaner software. Registry Reviver is not only a decent piece of software to have in your computer safety arsenal, but it is very, very easy to use.

Should you use a Windows Registry cleaner?
Registry Reviver finds many errors on older PCs.

Like all ReviverSoft software, Registry Reviver is very user friendly. It’s simple to launch and set up a free scan, and the registered version is a great deal for the benefits you receive from it.

Also, Registry Reviver has a built-in Startup Manager that’s free to use, and helps you manage your startup applications in order to speed up the start time of your PC.

Here’s some final words from the review:

So are we going to recommend Registry Reviver? In short … yes.

There you have it. Why not give Registry Reviver a try today?

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