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Top 5 Things to Know about Registry Reviver

After purchasing Registry Reviver, you’ll notice it does a great job of cleaning your Windows Registry. That’s not all that our product offers, though. We’d like to show you a short top 5 list of what you need to know about Registry Reviver.

  1. Customize Your Scan

    Click the Scan (magnifying glass) icon. You can determine which areas of your Windows registry will be scanned for errors. Notice that Deep Scan is deselected by default. Try selecting it, and you’ll get a much more thorough scan, though it will take longer.

    Top 5 Things to Know about Registry Reviver
    Customize Your Scan
  2. Startup Manager

    Click the Utilities (wrench) icon. Then, click the Startup Manager tab. You’ll notice numerous Windows startup programs that you can deselect, if you definitely don’t want those programs to start up when Windows does. Click Save Changes and restart your PC for a startup speed boost!

    Top 5 Things to Know about Registry Reviver
    Startup Manager
  3. Registry Optimizer

    Click the Utilities (wrench) icon. Click the Registry Optimizer tab. Click the Optimize Now button, which will optimize and defrag your Windows registry. This is a great occasional step to run in between scans.

    Top 5 Things to Know about Registry Reviver
    Registry Optimizer
  4. Scheduler

    Click the Utilities (wrench) icon. Click the Schedule tab. Choose whether you want to run the scheduled scan once, every day, every week, or not at all. Then, choose a date and time, or a day of the week, then click Apply to set up your scheduled scan.

    Top 5 Things to Know about Registry Reviver
  5. Restore Deleted Entries

    Click the Options (gear) icon. Click the Restore tab. If you’re running into issues and there are any Partial Backups listed, you can click one of them and click Restore Selected Backup. This will bring your Windows Registry back to its previous state. You can also click Restore to Original Settings to bring your registry back to the state before the first time you optimized your registry.

Top 5 Things to Know about Registry Reviver
Restore Deleted Entries
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Thanks again!

The ReviverSoft Team

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