A Guide to the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen of Death Error

This article is part of a continuing series on Blue Screen of Death errors. A Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) is the error screen you see when Windows has a major issue. It halts the PC and displays some very important information.

Depending on the error message you get, the steps you need to take are different.

Error Name


DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION may appear under another error name, but with a code of 0x133.

This BSOD has to do with your solid state drive.

How to Fix This BSoD

1. Updating your Hard Drive’s Firmware

DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION is very common if you have a Solid State Drive (SSD) in Windows 8 or 10. Many SSDs can’t handle Windows 8 or 10 correctly until you update the firmware on the drive. Firmware means memory and code on the device itself that controls it. The newer the firmware, the more likely it is to handle something new. (For example, if you own a Blu-Ray player, odds are you’ve updated it at least once through the Internet. That’s firmware.)

To update the firmware of your SSD, you first need to retrieve the model number.

  1. Press Windows Key + X to bring up the Power User menu
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click System when viewing by Small Icons
  4. Click Device Manager
  5. Click the arrow next to Disk Drives
  6. Record the model number and Google it along with the word “firmware”

BSOD SSD Model Number
You can find your SSD’s model number here.
Choose the manufacturer’s site, if available. In my case, I had a Crucial drive, and I was able to find clear PDF instructions and a file that auto-updated my firmware.

Once you perform this update and reboot, you shouldn’t get the error anymore.

BSOD Crucial Firmware
Some manufacturers auto-update firmware.

2. Replacing the Problematic Driver

You may also run into this problem if the iastor.sys driver is not compatible with Windows 8 or 10.

An easy fix here is to replace the problematic driver with Microsoft’s default driver for the device.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Right-click the Start icon and select Device Manager.
  2. Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.
  3. Select the controller with “SATA AHCI” in its name (such as Standard SATA AHCI Controller).  To verify that you’ve selected the right controller, right-click the controller, select Properties, click the Driver tab, and then Driver Details.  Verify that iastor.sys is a listed driver, and click OK.
  4. From the Driver tab, select Update Driver…
  5. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
  6. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
  7. Select Standard SATA AHCI Controller.

Click Next, then Close, and then restart your computer.

Alternate Solutions and Final Thoughts

We’ve been seeing this issue even on Windows 8 and 10 PCs that don’t have solid state drives. If your drive is more than 256 gigabytes, it’s likely it’s a traditional hard drive.

In this case, update all the drivers on your PC. You can either manually run the Windows Update, or try use Driver Reviver to update all the drivers on your PC with one click.

Good luck!

  • devasterium

    can I find an update like this for a hitachi drive??

  • reviversoft

    I’m unable to find the information on Hitachi’s website. What is your drive’s model number?

  • devasterium

    I believe is this, hitachi HDS721050DLE630

  • Jamie

    I entered in my disk drive number then firmware and nothing came up…well one thing…in German..which did me no good. Any ideas?

  • devasterium


  • Rottenmeyer

    hds721010dle630 this is my model at least… I can not find anything.

  • I have a custom made computer and bought a wireless usb adapter to link up to my brothers wifi in the room next to mine. i downloaded the standalone driver and tried connecting to the wifi. as i connected my screen froze for a second and i got the BSOD. DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. i need to know what wrong and how to fix it ?

  • Hitachi HTS547550A9E384 can u help me find the drivers?

  • LivCarter

    I have the same question about Hitachi. My drive’s model is HTS547575A9E384 and I tried searching for a firmware update (as well as for Travelstar 5K750).

  • what about for hitachi hts547550a9e384?

  • Bobo

    i only can find Hitachi HTS547550A9E384

  • reviversoft

    Hi Cameron,
    This is likely because the driver that comes with the adapter is out of date. Try going to the adapter’s manufacturer’s website. Download the latest version of the driver, and it should work better. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Jamie,
    What was your drive’s model number?

  • reviversoft

    This particular model is a traditional hard drive rather than a solid state drive. There are no firmware updates for this drive, so it’s likely your blue screen is being caused by something else. Have you updated all the drivers on your PC?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Lili,

    See the comment above this one in response to Bobo. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Roman,
    See the comment above in response to Bobo. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Devasterium,
    This is also a traditional Hitachi drive rather than an SSD, so it’s likely your issue is being caused by something else. Have you updated all the drivers on your PC yet?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Rottenmeyer,
    See the comments above in response to Devasterium. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Prem,
    See below in my answers to Bobo. Have you updated all the drivers on your PC?

    Keep us updated!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Ashley,
    This model is a traditional rather than SSD drive, so you’re looking at something else being the culprit. Have you run Windows Update lately or tried our Driver Reviver?

  • reviversoft

    Hi John,
    Your model does indeed have no firmware update, but Kingston is planning one in the near future. In the meantime, try updating your other drivers and seeing if that helps. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Raghav,
    This model is a traditional hard drive rather than a solid state drive. Try updating the other drivers on your PC. If you can’t get in, try booting in Safe Mode. Good luck!

  • Angelica

    Hi I have a Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 I wasn’t able to find any solutions. I have Windows 8. Any suggestions?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Angelica,
    This is a traditional hard drive rather than an SSD. We suggest updating all the drivers on your PC with Windows Update or Driver Reviver. Good luck!

  • Hee

    I have HITACHI HTS543216L9A300….
    How to i get rid from this error??

  • reviversoft

    Hi Hee,

    This is a traditional hard drive rather than an SSD. We suggest updating all the drivers on your PC with Windows Update or Driver Reviver. Good luck!

  • Jules

    I am so frustrated. Error keeps appearing, how can I buy a new computer with windows8 and it still not work??

  • Brian Murana

    ST9500325AS no firmware updates. Help

  • Ali


    I have a Toshiba MQ01ABD050. Any suggestions on how to get rid on it? I would very much appreciate you help!


    my hard drive not SSD but i have this problem , help me!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Daneil,
    Try updating all the drivers on your PC using Windows Update or our own Driver Reviver. Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Jules,
    What is the model number of your PC and your hard drive? We can help if we know that information! Thanks.

  • reviversoft

    Hi Ali,
    Your drive is a traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive. Try updating your drivers with Windows Update, then try our own Driver Reviver at http://www.reviversoft.com/driver-reviver/ … Good luck!

  • Tara

    hi, I searched my disk drives and it said it was Hitachi HTS541010A9E680 but when i googled it, nothing really came up, I don’t know what to do,,help!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Tara!
    This is a traditional 1TB drive rather than a solid state drive. Check out the paragraph above under “If you don’t have an SSD.” Good luck!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Brian,

    This Momentus model is a traditional 500 GB drive rather than a solid state drive. Check out the new paragraph above under “If You Don’t Have an SSD.” Good luck!

  • Brian Murana

    I do not have any updates in the windows update

  • my computer is an hp i need help to get this problem off ST640LMOO1 PLEASE HELP ME

  • I have a Asus ux31a and they have put a custom hard drive called the adata xm11 in it, its 128gb btw. However it looks like I have the up to date version, but idk… is there anything else I can do?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Francis,

    Check out this guide for updating the firmware on your ADATA SSD. Good luck!


  • reviversoft

    Hi Ryan,
    This is a traditional rather than solid state drive. Check out the paragraph above under “If You Don’t Have an SSD Drive.”

  • reviversoft

    You may want to check out Driver Reviver: http://www.reviversoft.com/driver-reviver/

  • Katie

    Hey I have an Asus VivoBook S400 with an SSD model number ST750LM022 HN-M750MBB. Tried googling it and nothing really came up. Hints? I’ve had the laptop for a few months and I have only gotten one of these messages – wondering what causes it?

  • Ravikiran

    I have a Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 and my computer pops up the message that the drivers are up to date and the BSoD still appears…. plz help

  • reviversoft

    Hi Ravikiran,
    This is a traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive. Try running Driver Reviver to catch driver updates that Windows Update might miss.


    MY HP LAPTOP MODEL NO IS 2000-2202TU. how i can solve this problem of restarting?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Elena,
    I would need to know what kind of storage you have in this model. Can you use the method above and tell me the model number of your solid state drive or hard drive? Thanks.

  • sunil

    my laptop is getting the blue screen and it is turning off for every one hour, can u tell me how can i overcome this problem

  • Hi Sunil. Heave you tried to follow the steps laid out in this article?

  • wdc wd5000bpvt-55hxzt3



  • reviversoft

    Hi Jayb,
    This is a traditional, rather than solid state hard drive. Try the steps above under “If you don’t have an SSD drive.” Thanks!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Marek,
    This is a traditional, rather than solid state hard drive. Try the steps above under “If you don’t have an SSD drive.” Thanks!

  • reviversoft

    Which specific device is it that’s causing the error?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Harry,
    That’s actually a hard drive, rather than an SSD. Check the article above under “If you don’t have an SSD drive.” Thanks!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Sumeet,
    That’s a traditional hard drive, rather than an SSD. Please take a look at the article above under “I don’t have an SSD drive.” Thanks!

  • reviversoft

    Hi James,
    Have you tried updating all your drivers?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Stephan,
    What’s the model number of your SSD drive?

  • reviversoft

    That’s actually a traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive. Have you tried the steps above?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Senga,
    That model Toshiba comes with a traditional hard drive, rather than solid state drive. Have you tried updating all the drivers on your new PC?

  • Jonty

    i have an acer and the BSod appears within 10 minutes when i turn on my laptop and i dont have enough time to get driver revive or search for my ssd please help

  • I followed the instructions and I looked up st500dm002-1bd142 firmware and could not find the update. Am I doing this correctly?

  • reviversoft

    Hi Nerissa,
    What model number of PC and hard drive do you have? Thanks!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Dana,
    This is a traditional hard drive rather than a solid state drive. Take a look at the last paragraph of the article for further instructions. Thanks!

  • reviversoft

    Hi Jonty,

    Have you tried booting in Safe Mode?


    Let us know if you have any further issues!

  • John

    I have an Asus model number st750lm022 hn-m750mbb, and i’im trying to do these steps to make him work again but it crashes to quickly and I don’t have time to do any of these steps, i know that googling it wont help any suggestions?

  • reviversoft

    Hi John,

    Try booting in Safe Mode first so you can perform the steps under a crash-free environment. http://www.reviversoft.com/blog/2012/06/boot-in-safe-mode/

    Good luck!

  • john acevedo

    I have a Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 and my computer show dpc dog watch violation every now and then and restart , firmware

  • Ivan Castro

    I have downloaded Driver Reviver, but when I try to update, it keeps telling me register, but I don’t want to pay to register. What do I do Know?

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Ivan,
    Driver Reviver is a commercial product that offers a free scan as a trial, but you must purchase a license in order to update all your drivers. We feel it’s exceptional value. Thanks for taking a look at our program!

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Mary,
    This is a traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive. Try some of the other solutions above. Good luck!

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi John,
    This is a traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive. Try some of the other solutions above. Good luck!

  • Hi Casey,

    It would not be the USB Memory Stick that you have connected that would be the problem. A Blue Screen usually happens when Operating System related files are not loaded properly. Unless you are running your OS from the USB Memory Stick (which there is a low chance of) then this would not be the cause. What type of hard drive do you have? Is it an SSD? A program like Driver Detective will not usually update your firmware for you. You need to do this manually.

    In regards to GeForce issue you are having. Have you recently updated the drivers for this? It sounds like you need to either update your drivers or revert back to an older driver. If you have recently updated your drivers I would try rolling back to an older version. If you have not updated your drivers for a while then I would perform a scan with Driver Detective (or Driver Reviver) to see if a new version is available.


  • Jayetun Dhar

    I have an ASUS X401A1. Every time I upgraded to Windows 8 very recently. Every time I boot up, I get DCP_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error. I’m not on an SSD or anything. The PC is just like it is hardware just when I got it from the store. It won’t even let me log in and it gives me this error. Please help!!! I can’t do anything about updating drivers because it’s not letting me log in!

  • Can you please try booting in Safe Mode and then updating your drivers?

    Here is how to boot in safe mode:


  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Lydia,
    This is a traditional hard drive rather than a solid state drive. Have you tried some of the instructions above under “If you don’t have an SSD drive”? Good luck!

  • Eslam Mohamed

    when I try to copy files from another hard disk its WD scorpio 250 GBs 2.5 inch its laptop hard drive
    windows keep freezing from 2 to 9 seconds and keep doing that many time and I have 2TB Seagate as a main harddisk

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Volkan,
    Sorry for the delay. This is a Toshiba traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive. Try following the instructions above under “If You Don’t Have an SSD Drive”. Good luck!

  • ReviverSoft

    Hi Eslam,
    The WD Scorpio is a traditional hard drive, rather than a solid state drive … have you tried following the instructions above under “If you don’t have an SSD Drive”? Good luck!

  • ReviverSoft

    Interesting. What phone are you using? The phone manufacturer may have a more recent driver that clears up this issue.

  • Try using a different type of AntiVirus for a while. Which one are you currently using? Try a free trial of Norton Internet Security.

  • OK great. Have you had any Blue Screens recently?

  • TechDevil

    Thankfully, no :D Hoping my antivirus killed all the BSoD’s permanently, hah! :P

  • David

    Hey. I have a samsung mzmpc128hbfu-000l1, and I haven’t been able to find a firmware update. If you could tell me of a good link for this SSD that would be fantastic.

  • I can’t find it on the US Samsung website. What country did you get the SSD/computer in?

  • Capedog80

    I can’t get past that error screen into windows vicious loop Samsung satilitte c-55a

  • Have you tried booting into Safe Mode?

    This article shows you how: http://www.reviversoft.com/blog/2012/06/boot-in-safe-mode/

  • Chris Ramz

    I have the DPC Watchdog Error, but on my Windows Phone 8x. How am I supposed to fix that?
    Please & Thank You

  • Hi Chris,

    I can’t really help you with this one. Have done some searching online for a solution with no luck. Is this the exact error message you are getting?

    Can you take a screenshot with another camera and attach it?


  • Davide De Vellis

    Hi Katie –

    Sorry to hear about your problem. Have you been able to perform the firmware update as recommended in the article? If you’re system is crashing before you can even get started, try booting in safemode. Here’s an article on how to do this:

  • elfz18

    Im using dell inspiron 15r which use ST750LM022 HN-M750MBB harddisk. I had this problem and i already updates my window. This problem happen when im try to connect to the lan connection.

  • Pls help me

    Please help me i have AMD DRIVER problem but i cant update because write that I have a problem that I inform manufacturers

  • baderu

    what is your nickname on bbo, can you pls answer to my email thx

  • Tahliesha Mary Rose Mustica

    HELP DPC watch dog error cant find appropriate firmware for my SSD WDC WD7500BPKT-22PK4T0. I cant think of any other way to fix this problem.

  • thinkboutlife


  • Jason

    I have a similar issue, I’ve got the mzmtd128hafv-000l1 that came with my yoga ideapad pro 2 from best buy in the US. No dice from Samsung’s website. Samsung & Lenovo lose points.

  • guy8719

    If you don’t have an SSD Drive (If your drive is more than 256 gigabytes)
    Go to Control Panel>Power Options>click on Choose What the Power Buttons Do>click on Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable>unclick the box labeled Turn on Fast Startup.” (This turns off Hibernate, too.) save and reboot.

  • ghazal

    hello! please help!
    im not able to dowlload the firm ware
    i have a sony vaio pro SAMSUNG MZHPU128hcgm00000

  • Vyktoria Dixon

    I have brand new hp envy touch smart notebook. Hgst hts541075a9e680. Help please!

  • ibrahim

    Hello am Ibrahim software engineer I had the Same problem with my hp what I did was backup my important files them installed another operating system windows 8.1 the problem was gone try this if it won’t contact me email ibrajum@gmail.com or +60183692568 I will give you another way thanks.

  • bhargav

    i just bought an hp laptop with windows 8.1 it has a HGST HTS545050A7E680 drive … my laptop says my driver is up to date but the watchdog error still occurs.. plz help

  • Supremegamer76 .

    Hi I have a Samsung Spinpoint M8 with 750 gb for my firmware, and I cant find instructions on how to update the firmware online… I just found a button when clicking on the model number and then driver tab that says “update driver”. I clicked on it and it gave me 2 options: 1. search automatically for updated software or 2. browse my computer for driver software. which one do I do?

  • Aleksander

    Hello, this happened to my computer today, and i am wondering. Can it be a one time thing or will it happen again? do i have to fix this quickly?

  • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

    My HP 2000 boots up (sometimes) lets me sign into Windows..a PC cleaner pops up (don’t know where I got it) and then I get a “PC shutting down and will restart” notice (but doesn’t restart)There is a DPC error under notice..then shuts down and won’t start for a while..if I try to soon capital light blinks but black screen..???

  • Cisco408Ca

    I have a ocz vertex 4 120 gigabyte and i get the freakin blue screen of death every 30 minutes of use or so . It mainly freezes when using a browser . It really upsets me how awful windows 8.1 is and now to top it off the dc watchdog error . I hope microsoft takes there heads out there a$$ and make a better O.S.


    I have 2 SSD’s and I downloaded both update tools for them, it says no driver updates at all. I have a KINGSTON SH103S3120G and a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB.

  • Trevor Marchhart

    It just happened to me too! I have htc 8x as well, running the developer windows 8.1. Recently my power button has broken, and when my phone died of charge i was worried it was gone. Then by plugging and unplugging it constantly, it turned back on for a second, and i got the BSoD. The text is so small as if it’s meant to be on a laptop.

  • Noah Ruiz

    Can anybody help me with watchdog violation error it appears every time I start up my laptop plz help and thank you!

  • mnl

    fuck you all

  • Cecilia Flores

    What should I do if my laptop has this problem, but doesn’t want to turn on? Sometimes it does turn on, but it end up being too slow or turns off and shows the error and won’t turn on until a few days later. Thank you for the help!

  • blackbeard2

    Microsoft already did..

  • james

    I got this message and my screen won’t turn back on the power is running but black screen and no keyboard/mouse

  • phil marsh

    So much for Windows “just working”. And people tell me Linux is harder to install? Right!

  • Ronald Hanson

    I think they should let us go back to windows 7 again, I never liked windows 8 in the first place

  • Sunbeam Johannesburg

    I had this problem on a virtually brand new Lenovo laptop. Local (and pretty competent) computer dealer unable to fix it and for me it was the last straw after another major problem with Windows 8.1 immediately beforehand (which was fixed but at considerable expense). Simple solution at a price – dump Windows 8.1 on the scrapheap where it richly deserves to be anyhow due to its spectacularly non-user-friendly nature (couldn’t even get a mouse to work properly!), re-install Windows 7 (more cost!) and no more problems. However I am seriously p….d off with Microsoft!

  • Robert Hall

    I was curious, could a virus trigger the DPC Watchdog Violation? I was linked to an unsafe website that apparently gives me a pretty bad virus but have experienced nothing yet in the last few days except for this, which just happened to me.

  • robert

    I have a Sony vaio l series svl241 and get this blue screen everytime I try to print

  • Chris Ramz

    I’m just barely seeing this right now. I don’t have that issue anymore, fortunately. I now have the Nokia Lumia 1520, so hopefully I don’t encounter that again.

  • Gibbs

    i have intel 520 and my firmware is alreadty lastest, i got this only once long time of using my ssd!

  • Dylan Canning

    Hello i have a toshiba satellite C50D-A-138
    The problem has accured twice just recently, i was watching a show and at the end of it everything just stopped and this showed up and the laptop restarted. When it came back on i just tried to to just resume what i was watching and it happened again, so the third time i tried its back to normal but im still concerned that their could be something wrong if you could help me ill be grateful
    P.S. I dont be in this site much so if you could send me a solution by email dylancanning23@hotmail.com thank you

  • I have these two (in image)
    i have done everything but still BSOD with DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATIION comes
    help me out please

  • Guest

    Easy. If you got “1year free AVG”, remove it.

  • Sciullato

    Salve. Ho avuto questo problema (ben 2 volte) e la cosa “strana” è che in entrambi i casi la mia scheda audio se n’è andata a donnine e non c’era verso di recuperarla. Ora,la prima volta ho risolto formattando l’ssd (tra l’altro, pure lui un crucial, m550 msata per essere precisi).
    La seconda volta, qualche ora fa, stesso errore e scheda audio out.
    Riformatto (squadra che vince non si cambia) ma stavolta nada, il problema audio rimane. Poi trovo questa guida e aggiono il firmware dell’ssd alla versione mu02.
    Nonostante questo il problema audio persiste e, riesco a risolverlo solo quando, per prova, stacco l’ssd (su cui c’era installato w8.1) e faccio un installazione pulita di windows su l’hdd. Quindi, con l’obiettivo di poter al 100% imputare l’errore all’ssd, stacco l’hdd e rimetto il crucial con l’intenzione di formattarlo e installare nuovamente windows. Per puro caso però parte il s.o. (che c’era installato) e woilà.. anche sull’ssd nessun problema. Scheda audio resuscitata O_o
    Ora ti chiedo.. il mio problema era il firmware o c’è dell’altro sotto? Non c’ho capito una beamata inkia! PS: per ora tengo sul pc il solo ssd per testarlo un pochettino.

  • Blackronin357

    I cant even log in! Using a HP pavilion dv6.

  • Samah Zahid

    Hello..!! I have an Asus Windows 8.1 64 bit really brand new only bought it 4 months back. since past 1 week i have been getting Blue error screens . DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION

    when i check for my blue screens. This is what i get ( Refer image 2)

    and when i check for errors this is what i get ( refer image 3)

    and this is my SSD WDC WD5000LPVX-80V0TT0 firmware ( Refer image 4 )


    Al though I have every thing updated and installed. still its causing so much errors. plz help

  • Marie Crawford

    I recently installed Blackberry Link and it I started receiving this error message in the couple days that followed…Is this known to be a problem?

  • Moiz Shah

    i am having the same issue but my laptop keep restarting..
    i am trying to resolve from almst an but the error not resolved what can i do ??

  • Jeff Beach

    hI i have a sony vaio model number svf14n13cxb that i just upgraded to windows 10 and i got the bcod when i went to log in onto my computer.. this is the first time that has happened to me.. any suggestions.. im also have a couple driver issues.. my fn keys dont work and ive updated my hot keys driver from the sony site and my video is messed up when playing the right side of the video has lines thru it. and its not the screen or anything like that… some one please help

  • Mary O. Cook

    I upgraded to windows 10 now this is a new problem but when I tried these instructions could not find device manager

  • Tim Powell

    I have a Hitachi HTS545050A7E380 and i have run Driver reviver and Driver booster(pro) and both programs have said that my driver is up-to-date and i still get this error. Any ideas? i’m running on windows 10

  • Emma Krakoski

    I just got a brand new Surface Pro 3 from the windows store, and it’s displaying this error code. I got it 2 weeks ago, and it has windows 10 and everything… I can’t even get to the boot up screen anymore, I got one BSOD and now my computer is just stuck trying to load. It just displays a black screen with the word “surface” and a loading bar. I was using it just an hour ago and it was fine… How do I fix the problem when it’s on a tablet?

  • JW203L

    After pressing Windows Key + X (or alternatively right-clicking on the Start button) you can skip steps 2 & 3, and click Device Manager.


    MY NEW BRAND LENOVO G50-80 80l0000HSIN


    WHAT TO DO??????????

  • Connor Obrien

    Hello their I have a dell laptop and that solution isn’t working help ?

  • Potox

    J’ai un Acer E5-571PG-78DV, sous 8.1 à l’origine, mais que j’ai fait passé à 10.
    Je jouais régulièrement à Hearthstone et mon PC gérait le jeu sans problèmes. Mais maintenant après 2/3 min sur le jeu mon PC freeze et m’affiche DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION et redémarre ensuite.
    J’ai vérifié avec windows update et mes pilotes de cartes graphiques sont à jour.

    Je remercie par avance la personne qui pourra m’aider!

  • Peter A. Tanner

    I get this all the time, together with numerous other annoying bugs, in Win 10

  • Thu Sicario Chris

    I got the same problem with the nextbook 8 tablet it says repairing disk error this may take over a hour to complete and then when turns on it says continue to windows 8 i tried evereything it just goes to windows repair ove
    r over again help

  • saigon kabayan

    Am not a digital native, but Is my hdd HTS545050A7E380 still repairable coming from samsung np530u3b that gone into Bsod after upgrading to free Windows 10 and back again to window7? Local repairman says its dead but knowing most repairman here in any job order (of any kind (rom faucet to doors etc) wants replacement than repair something I lke a 2nd authorative opinion as the repairman wanted to change it to a Toshiba brand

  • saigon kabayan

    Hello am searching for trusted opinion, if my hdd HTS545050A7E380 still repairable coming from samsung np530u3b that gone into Bsod after upgrading to free Windows 10 and back again to window7? Local repairman says its dead but knowing most repairman here in any job order (of any kind (rom faucet to doors etc) wants replacement than repair, the guy wanted to change it to a Toshiba brand of the same 500gb.

  • Lee Alan Bartholomew

    just ran into this with a Kingston SV300S37A240G but there is no firmware update for the 240 gb model X_X there is one for the 64 and 128 gb models

  • TheRedHood

    I had this error recently. Was a massive pain. I’ve been using a program called Rollback rx to revert back but I kept getting it didn’t matter how far back I went. Luckily I’ve updated it now! Thanks

  • Damarys Diaz

    Buenos días tengo una Toshiba satélite C855D-S5201 con Windows8, su # de serie es 7D206004Q y desde que instalé Windows10 tengo el problema de pantalla azul. Estoy tratando de seguir las instituciones que ustedes señalan arriba pero cuando entró a panel control no me da tiempo para hacer nada porque vuelve la pantalla azul. Por favor que puedo hacer? Gracias😞

  • vtgirl1966

    I have a Lenovo that came with Windows 8, I recently did the free upgrade to 10 also. It was running fine before the upgrade & I get the www_watchdog_violation (with the “unhappy” face) error quite often. My computer automatically reboots itself & then seems to run ok but I have also received the error again a few hours later. I am really beginning to wonder if the windows 10 upgrade is causing all of these issues?

  • Yes in fact its what came to my though. Who put this name for sure its a possess person with great mental debilities who got many tip of mental disorders and for sure here or her children age it was very hard. Must got be Violate or someone near him or close and act like a total coward at the same time.

    Best to all

  • razor “blade” infinityblade

    Umm.. im running windows 10 and getting this?

  • Miz_X

    Hello, this just happened to my pc, i’m using a Fujitsu laptop and the disk space is not up to 256GB, probably 237GB and thereabout. Would this happen again? and how dangerous is it to ignore this? I use a windows 10

  • nabin

    It turns out that one of my Ram slots were bad, took the ram out and it started working fine

  • Kaitlyn Gerber

    I have 2 disk drives, WDC WD10 02FAEX-00Z3A SCSI Disk Device and WDC WD80 0JD-00JNA0 SCSI Disk Device, and it says both are updated when I seach automatically for updated driver software

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