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Unboxing the Microsoft Surface with Windows 8

We pre ordered ourselves a Microsoft Surface RT tablet earlier this month and it came this morning. We were very excited to bust open the box and we thought we would video the process. Enjoy!

Video Transcript:

Hey guys. Mark Beare from ReviverSoft. Today is October 26th, which as many of you know is the release date for Windows 8. It is also the release date for the Microsoft Surface RT Version. We had one on preorder and we’ve been pretty excited to receive it and here it is. We thought we’d unbox it in front of all you guys on video. We just received this in the post about half an hour ago. I’m just going to unbox it now. Be careful not to scratch it too much before actually getting the box out before the surface. It’s a pretty good-looking box. It’s actually quite heavy. This is the 64-gigabyte model with keyboard. It looks like you just have to take the tape off here. Take that off. It’s 64 gigabyte. This just pulls out. Looks like some more tape. Maybe not. Here’s the keyboard that we ordered with the device. This is the touch keyboard, not the type keyboard. It comes in black. We’ll try and connect that in a moment. It looks like the surface is in here. Some more tape to take off. I might just cut it.
Okay. There she is. It’s a pretty nice looking device. Actually it’s not as heavy as I thought. It feels about the same as a …probably about the same as an iPad. In the box, you’ve got the surface. You’ve got a charger here. It has a flip-out prong for the U.S. I’m not sure how that’ll work for the rest of the world. You have a Windows 8 sticker on the side. It’s an interesting power connector.
Also inside the box, it looks like we’ve just got some kind of manual. It explains how to use Windows 8 on a tablet. It gives a couple of different things about gestures, how to navigate Windows 8. I’m a bit surprised actually that they don’t give more recommendations on how to use it because a lot of the complaints about Windows 8 have been about the learning curve. Especially with this touch-screen device I think there’s a bit of a learning curve, but we’ll find out about that a bit later.
That looks like everything inside the box so let’s turn this thing on and see how it goes. Typical plastic wrapping. I’ll say it’s a really nice device. It feels great in the hand. I’ll turn it on. While it boots up, I’ll try this hinge that we’ve been hearing about. Ah, it feels good. It does feel really nice. It looks like it’s just loading up. We’ve got Windows starting up for the first time. The keyboard connects really nicely. It’s got a great snap to it. We have to select our language. I’m a little bit surprised that the buttons aren’t a bit bigger for touch. Let’s name the device. Connect the Wi-Fi. It doesn’t like my password for the Wi-Fi. Let me try again.
I’ll try the keyboard. The keyboard actually works quite nicely. It feels very weird to use a touch keyboard, but it seems to recognize characters quite well. I’m not having much luck connecting to the Wi-Fi, so we’ll just continue on. I just have to create a sign-in to get into Windows 8. It’s got these funny little clicking noises for when you’re entering in text. I’m just going to probably enter in the worst password possible for now. Don’t use a password like this. We’ll name it after our little figure, Reggie. Looks like it’s just launching Windows now. So you see we’ve got a camera here on the back. We’ve got a USB port there, mini HDMI, headphone jack, the volume rocker. On the bottom you’ve just got the connector for the keyboard and that’ll also be the charger. That’s it.
It looks like it’s ready to run. It’s telling me to swipe from any edge to start so I can swipe. It’s not really working properly. Maybe I’ll try from this side. I’m not having much luck with the initial setup. Hmm. That wasn’t so intuitive unfortunately.
Cool. That’s the Surface guys. This is the 64-gigabyte RT Version. The Pro Version which will have a full Windows operating system running on it will be released sometime in the future. We haven’t received any information about pricing or availability, which is kind of not great by Microsoft, but yeah, we will be playing with this over the next couple of days. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this video. Thanks guys.

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