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Change the Windows 7 Power Plan

Change the Windows 7 Power Plan
Find the Power Plan under Power Options in Control Panel.

The Windows 7 Power Plan is a feature that generally helps laptop users regulate their usage of power, depending on their needs. The Power Plan offers customers three options, namely:

  • Balanced – This gives full performance when needed, and saves power when the system is idle.
  • Power Saver – This automatically decreases system performance and adjusts the screen’s brightness. This option is recommended for laptop users to optimize battery life.
  • High Performance – This improves the system’s performance in many instances and increases the screen’s brightness. Among the three options, this consumes the most power.

To change your Power Plan settings:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Under View By, click Small Icons.
  4. Click the Power Options battery icon.
  5. Select Balanced. This is our recommended plan, because it helps you maximize the computer’s functions only when needed, and at the same time allows you to save energy when the system is inactive.
  6. Click the Change Plan Settings hyperlink on the right side of the Balanced plan. This opens the Edit Plan Settings window.
  7. Choose your sleep and display settings and click Save Changes to complete.
Change the Windows 7 Power Plan
These are the three different plans available.

If you need to go back and change the power plan settings, the same steps may be followed.
You can also download our free app, Battery Optimizer, which will do an even better job of managing your laptop’s power between charges. Check it out.

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