5 Reasons to Use Chrome over Other Browsers

Chrome’s user interface is free of clutter.

I like Google Chrome a lot. In fact, I think you should discontinue using your existing web browser, and start using Chrome instead. Here are five good reasons to use Chrome on your PC:

1. Chrome briefly overtook the lead from Internet Explorer
For a brief, shining moment (March 21, 2012), Chrome became the world’s top Internet browser. Internet Explorer took the lead back, but expect this to happen more as Chrome rises and IE falls.

I’m not saying you should use Chrome just because it’s popular. But lots of people like it for a reason. Four more reasons, in fact.

2. Chrome has a minimalist interface
Not a lot of clutter in Chrome’s user interface, or UI. Otherwise known as the stuff on the outside edge of the website you’re looking at. Google realizes that what people want out of web browsers is the Web, not all that extraneous mess. There are back and forward buttons, a reload button, a star button for bookmarks, and a wrench button for options. That’s it!

3. Chrome syncs between browsers
If you’d like to keep your settings on your laptop and desktop, including installed plug-ins, bookmarks, most visited sites, and so on, Chome has that built in. Just log in to your Google account on each browser and set it up. Other browsers are slowly catching up in the sync space, but they’re not where Chrome is yet.

There are many useful, free Chrome extensions.

4. Chrome has fantastic free extensions
If you do want to add functionality to the minimalist Chrome, there are tons of great extensions to do so. While it’s true that in the early days of Chrome, there were a lot of missing extensions, it has quickly caught up and can now do everything the older browsers can do.

5. Chrome is faster
Here’s one test from August 2011 that shows Chrome is faster than Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Here’s another benchmark from December 2011 that says the same thing. Chrome just gets there more quickly.

I hope this convinces you to jump to Chrome. If not, that’s fine too — all of our content here at ReviverSoft is visible in any browser.

  • Mark

    Chrome is a great browser but IE is growing on me too!

  • Reinhold

    Guten Morgen,
    lernen sie mal zuerst Englisch in ein lesbares und anwendbares Deutsch zubringen,damit man versteht was sie meinen!!!!!

    Mit freundlichem Gruß
    Reinhold Riegel

  • Henry Williamson

    Thanks for the info, I have downloaded Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, but I use IE all the time(probably, primarily because I feel more comfortable with it). Because of your comments, I’ll give Google Chrome a more concerted look. Thanks for your comments!

    Best regards,

  • Hi Henry!
    Glad we’ve convinced you to give Chrome a try! Be sure and let us know how it does for you.

    Thanks for reading!
    The ReviverSoft Team

  • Rolle

    Hej! Har använt Chrome sedan den kom har även Firefox men Chrome är snabbast o bäst
    passar mig utmärkt.

  • Hi Rolle!
    Vi är verkligen glad att du gillar Chrome och är överens om att det är snabbast. Fortsätt att läsa!


  • Zuro

    I use RockMelt, it’s made by Chrome and it links all your feeds right into a sidebar;, lets you use Facebook chat weneevhr you’re online, without having to be on Facebook; and their latest feature is View Later which is like a short list of temporary bookmarks. Like Chrome, it has spell check built in, and a translator built in, and Chrome apps work on it. I have never actually used Chrome, but I have heard a lot about it.

  • Hi Zuro,
    We will certainly give RockMelt a try. Thanks for writing in!


  • a

    There’s a very good reason why Google has spent billions advertising their browser, and I want no part of it when the reason why is discovered. Free yourself from the mass media companies and use Firefox or Opera.

  • Hi A,
    What would that reason be, exactly?


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