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The End of Flash Player sparks the Beginning of HTML5

Illustration: Gordon McAlpin

You may have heard that Adobe is marking the end of Flash Player for mobile devices in favor of HTML5. Here’s one report on the subject. What does this mean for the average PC user like you and me, especially since you might not even use mobile devices?

The fact is, as far as websites that use heavy graphics, video, interactivity, and all that Web 2.0 stuff, the world is shifting toward a new standard called HTML5. This standard is built in to newer web browsers, doesn’t require a separate installation, is open source (meaning that one company doesn’t control and keep the code secret, like with Flash), and more importantly to you is this last point:

HTML5 uses far fewer resources, less CPU and less memory than Flash. You know how Flash isn’t supported on Apple’s mobile devices and causes overheating on their bigger machines? You know how Flash barely works at all on PCs older than five years? Just today I tried to test out a Flash game on a ten-year-old P-III. Not happening.

All modern web browsers and all modern mobile devices support HTML5, however, without plug-ins and with far less taxation on your poor PC. And Adobe realizes that’s where the tide is turning, so not only are they stopping support of Flash on anything mobile, experts predict that they will soon quit making Flash altogether and throw their considerable weight behind HTML5.

So what does that mean for you? It means you’ll be able to enjoy your web video, interactive sites, web games and yes, even advertisements with less of a burden on your machine, and get the same experience on mobile devices that you get on your PC. And that’s a good thing.

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