My PC Takes Too Long to Boot. How Can I Fix it?

So your PC takes Too Long to Boot? You’ve found the answer!

I’d like to introduce you to Jim from ReviverSoft. He’s here to talk to you about Windows startup issues. But this isn’t any ordinary video! It’s fully interactive. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure, you’ll be prompted to choose a path several times throughout the video, and Jim will respond to your choices.

I don’t know about you, but I learn better when someone says something out loud, with visual aids, rather than reading grey blocks of text. That’s what Jim is here for! If your PC takes too long to boot, find out how you can cut down on the number of programs that run on startup and help your PC run better and faster, regardless of your Windows operating system. You’ll be following along from your own PC as you go.

After you watch it, be sure and leave feedback. And look for more from Jim soon! Thanks!

Note: If you’d like more information about choosing the right programs to remove from startup, check out this companion blog post!

  • Harry

    Very helpful.
    Thank you.

  • Mary

    Ich würde das Video gerne in deutch anschauen.

  • Michael

    Most helpful. I would like to see this sort of help more often.

  • Trés satisfait de mon achat concernant votre logiciel mais comment fait on pour mettre la page en Français.Merci j’attends votre réponse.

  • Hi Michael! Subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, or keep an eye on our Facebook Page at and you’ll see more video blogs every couple of weeks, and regular blogs in between! Thanks for reading / watching.

  • Bonjour Lelong,

    Nous prévoyons que les blogs vidéos soient sous-titrés en Francais sous deux semaines. L’ensemble des blogs du site web ReviverSoft devrait aussi etre traduit en Francais sous deux semaines.

    Merci, et regardez régulièrement notre site pour les mises à jour !


  • Eric van Notten

    Nicely produced video.

    However, I wasn’t able to de-select any start-up programs as their titles are incomprehensible to me.
    Could not figure out which to keep, and which I don’t need.

  • Jens Ehlert

    Deutsch wäre besser zum verstehen.
    jens ehlert

  • Lothar Helms

    Wie kann ich auf deutsche Sprache umstellen?

  • I would love this, does it cost,and how much does it cost?

  • Lars

    Very good, but, how I know which program yuo may omit

  • Lyle Hensley

    Like I am a techie and I automatically know which programs you stop. I only have 23 programs listed in the start up manager. Unless you know what is needed I can see if you uncheck the wrong program you may have a brick. I didn’t see this as a useful tool.

  • Heike

    @ Mary:
    kurz auf Deutsch:
    Eine Reihe von Programmen werden automatisch beim Hochfahren des Computers gestartet und verlangsamen so das Hochfahren. Nicht alle davon müssen schon beim Start aktiv sein. So kannst du gucken, welche das sind und sie ggf. deaktivieren (Häkchen entfernen): in WINDOWS 7: Start – Systemsteuerung – a) Verwaltung – Sytemkonfiguration – Systemstart ODER b) System und Sicherheit – Verwaltung – etc.
    Achtung! Es kommt beim Neustart eine Meldung, dass Autostarts deaktiviert wurden. Das ist dann natürlich ok!

  • gouvello

    le texte écrit est traduit mais pas la démonstration, difficile donc de la suivre si l’on ne maitrise pas l’anglais

  • The best way to do that is look for startup programs that say “Helper”, such as Office Helper, Acrobat Helper, iTunes Helper, and so on. These programs are unnecessary, especially if you use said applications infrequently. Other apps to look for are ones you’ve recently installed, but did not intend to run on startup, like Steam. Finally, apps branded with your manufacturer, like Toshiba, are often bloatware and are not needed on startup, if at all. Good luck!

  • Check out for more on Registry Reviver, which contains Startup Manager.

  • See the above reply for some tips on which programs to remove from startup. Good luck!

  • Be sure and leave alone anything that says Windows or Explorer. It’s difficult to “brick” your PC using Startup Manager, but if it happens, boot from your Windows 7 DVD and choose the Repair option, or restore from the most recent Restore Point. In fact, it’s a good idea to create a Restore Point of your own before changing startup programs. To do this, go to Start -> System -> Create a Restore Point.

  • Bonjour Gouvello,

    Nous prévoyons que les blogs vidéos soient sous-titrés en Francais sous deux semaines. L’ensemble des blogs du site web ReviverSoft devrait aussi etre traduit en Francais sous deux semaines.

    Merci, et regardez régulièrement notre site pour les mises à jour !


  • Hallo Jens & Lothar,

    wir erwarten, dass die Videoblogs innerhalb der nächsten zwei Wochen mit Untertiteln versehen werden. Außerdem sollten bis dahin alle Textblogs auf der Webseite von ReviverSoft ins Deutsche übersetzt werden.

    Danke, und behaltet unsere Webseite wegen Updates im Auge!


  • Glen

    I already knew all of the things you talked about getting rid of the start-up programs. Now tell us what all of those start-up programs are and what they do! Now that would be real help.

  • Aiwen

    Was and is of good help!!!!!!!!!!!

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