Ние се стремим да локализираме нашия сайт в колкото се може повече езици, колкото е възможно, но тази страница в момента е машина за превод, използвайки Google Translate. близо

Може ли Tablet Замяна на лаптоп за добро?Can a Tablet Replace a Laptop for Good?

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  • glenbdcs

    Steve, please please look at what you have written, you cannot stop the next beach tide!
    Who said we should have Microsoft Office -it’s huge, it cost’s a lot and most of us only ever use 10%. We use it now because that’s all there has been for too long.
    Anyone who is using a tablet over 10 hours is going to be exhausted.
    I have watched my wife thoroughly enjoy using her tablet whilst also watching TV (remember they are supposed to be better at multi-tasking than us males) and now I simply ask her to look up something that has caught my interest and moments later she has Google answers. We never did that with a PC or a heavy laptop. Roll on the TV audio synchronising with search engines to explore even further watch we watch.

    There is always going the a place for multiple devices (PC. Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones) and I will continue to use my PC and Laptop when I need more screen/s or power at work or at clients but then when I don’t need it e.g waiting to board a flight, sitting on my hotel bed and Skypeing the family via free Wifi, I prefer my tablet.

    I could go on and I hope your blog is not just about protecting the need for your good product.

  • Hi Glenn!
    Trust me, we know how useful and versatile tablets are — especially when traveling! The Office limitation is a big one for us, though, and there’s rumors of an official Microsoft Office iOS app coming soon. If it’s got the features we need, that takes care of one of the seven things tablets still can’t do. Maybe the others will happen too!

    We hope that the other articles on the site convince you that our blog is about far more than our products. Thanks for reading!

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