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how to do when the printer ecri ink cool error 1401

Asked by
Akli Merrad
2017/11/05 12:58
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for 1 month when I l alume he is wrong not on the computer
Operating System:
Windows 8
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2017/11/05 16:00
Hi Akli,

When your printer is having trouble recognizing one or more of the cartridges installed it will present you with the Check Ink 1401.

To resolve any of these Canon error messages please follow the steps below until the message disappears.
  • You can just hold down the stop reset button for 10 seconds it will bypass the ink counter.
  • Ensure both a black and colour cartridge are installed. Open up your printer and remove both cartridges to ensure the one of each cartridge is installed. Your printer requires that both a black and colour cartridge is installed in order to print, even if you only wish to print in black/colour.
  • Check the cartridges have the correct codes. Although many Canon cartridges are similar in appearance your printer requires specific cartridges to be installed in order to recognise them and print with them. The cartridge should be carrying codes machine or at least similar for the colour cartridge. Which codes are correct for your specific printer will depend upon the model of your printer. If you have any doubts either check your printers paperwork or give your model number a quick Google.
  • Make sure the contacts are clean. The only thing your printer uses to communicate with your cartridge is an unassuming set of metallic contacts you can find on a strip to the front of the cartridge. If these contacts have become dirty or otherwise damaged from use then your printer will be unable to recognise and use the cartridge. I recommend wiping down the cartridge firmly with a piece of kitchen tissue or any other non-fibrous tissue to remove any dirt, oxidisation or otherwise invisible natural oils that may be obscuring the contacts. If you notice anything particularly stubborn that may be causing problems, you may wish to clean then again using an alcohol based cleaning solution.
  • Replace the defective ink cartridge. If your printer still cannot recognise the cartridge then sadly it is defective and will need to be replaced. If you have another cartridge to hand that you know to have worked previously it may be worth installing this one again. Otherwise I would advise installing a unused replacement cartridge (preferably a Canon original).
  • Clean the contacts inside the printer. If the error remains it may be that the cause of the problem is the contacts within your printer are dirty or damaged much the cartridge contacts we mentioned earlier. If you take the problem cartridge out of your printer and shine a light inside, you should see a series of contacts in roughly the same formation as those we have examined on the cartridge. These contacts can be cleaned in the same way that you cleaned the cartridge contacts, but be careful not to leave scraps of tissue on the contacts as they are sometimes pointed. With this done just reinstall the cartridge to see if the error disappears.
I hope this helps.


Commented by Erica turner
2019-09-28 06:40:53
Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and adore finding out additional on this topic.Canon Printer Error Code 1401


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