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How does it open on the computer version of android 2.1 sbf file backup?

2014/03/18 12:01
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Android 2.1 sbf extension of the old backup file on my phone to my computer I was recording. How to open sbf file on the computer?
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2014/03/19 17:35
Hi Selçuk,

I don\'t think it is possible to open a SBF file on your computer.

You can however restore the old backup file (.SBF) through your Android phone. Use the same app that you used to create the backup file.

If you\'re using a phone from Sony, use their Backup and Restore app to restore the old backup file.

For Motorola phones, you will need to use their RSD Lite app.

Good luck,


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Lokesh Yadav
2016/01/11 06:56

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Hi Selçuk,

SBF, or system files are used by Google Android devices, and contain all the original factory configuration of phone data. It enables the phone to be set to the original factory settings. The program RSD Lite can be used to flash an SBF file to a Motorola DROID 2 or DROID X phone. Users should not manually restore SBF files, since improper use of the files can cause the phone to malfunction.

File contains backup of mobile phone settings, MMS and SMS messages, phone book, call logs and applications.

SBF backup files are stored only on SD memory card in \data\backup\directory. The content of SBF file is in binary file format and can be opened only in the Backup and Restore.

Backup and Restore is backup utility for Google Android operating system distributed with Sony Ericsson Xperia smart phones. Backup and Restore is able to backup applications, PlayNow service, bookmarks, call logs, contacts (only that are stored in the phone, not synchronized contacts), SMS messages, MMS messages and system settings.

So, you should not try to open it in Windows.

Use it only in the Android phones.



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