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Trying to add "GAMES" section/library

2013/12/01 08:57
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My win7 start menu has a "Games" section on the right, along with Documents, Control Panel, etc.
This did not transfer into Startmenu-revier that I can find. I thought it was a library, but there is no library folder of that name showing in the left panel of explorer along with other libraries such as pictures, videos, etc. Where exactly is this so I can add it?
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2013/12/01 14:12
Hi Harold,

That's an interesting question!

While I understand that the Games section is a part of the start menu in Windows 7, Start Menu Reviver, due to space constraints, only includes the most important, system related features and services in the Charms area of the start menu.

However, there is a way to enable quick access to your favorite games via Start Menu Reviver.

1. You can create a Tile called Games that links straight to the Microsoft Windows games folder:

C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Games (It's a hidden folder)

2. If you like one or two games in particular, simply create a custom Tile for each game by linking directly to it.

Hope this helps . Let me know if you have any questions about this.



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