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why does my computer does not shut down or sleep?

Asked by
viral gandhi
2015/12/05 11:29
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when i shut down my computer display seem to shut down but something is not happnening because if the battery is fully charged and after sometimes it shows low.everytime i start my laptop i have to start that by keep pressing power button
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/12/16 04:56
Hi Viral,

Here are a few valid reasons that may be prolonging or preventing a Windows shutdown or restart.
1. If yours is a new Windows install, maybe “OOBE” is taking its time. This is especially true in the earlier versions of Windows. In the initial days, when you try to restart or shut down a Windows-based computer, the system may take a long time to restart or to shut down.
Alternatively or additionally, you may receive a message that resembles the following: Windows is configuring updates. This usually occurs 1-2 days after you first start Windows – or sometimes after a Windows Update. The problem occurs because the system has to perform maintenance functions, to delete unnecessary files. Typically, this process will occur one or two days after the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) Wizard runs. When this problem occurs, it may take as long as 10-20 minutes to shut the system down. The process occurs only one time. So just wait for the process to finish once.

2. If you’ve updated your Windows, maybe the Updates are taking a little longer than expected time to configure or install. Best to let the system take its own sweet time, as it only a temporary situation.

But if you think that the problem is something else and is a recurring one, then here are the possible reasons:
  1. One of your processes or services is not shutting down.
  2. You have a faulty or incompatible device driver installed.
  3. You have a faulty or incompatible program running.
1. Undo any recent changes which you may have made to your system. You may have to uninstall a recently installed program or an update or a device driver.

2. Try a Last Known Good Configuration or a System Restore.

3. Use the Task Manager to try manually and identify the probable cause or causes for this. Manually stop and quit the suspect program, and then shut down to see if the issue is being resolved. You may have to repeat the procedure with several running processes.

4. Enter Safe Mode. From the Menu, move the cursor down to Enable Boot Logging and hit Enter.

On reboot, search for the ntbtlog.txt file in C:\Windows folder. Look for any signs of problems loading device drivers. If you find problems, go into Device Manager and disable the device or uninstall the program. Reboot. If the problem does not occur then you know, it was that device or program causing problems.

6. Perform a Clean Boot to troubleshoot the problem. This may help you identify offending third-party processes that is stopping your Windows from shutting down or restarting normally.

5. Upgrade the Computer’s CMOS/BIOS. Faulty CMOS and BIOS settings can cause startup and shutdown problems.

6. If you have a computer that is running Windows 7. When the system is under heavy load, you may encounter a problem where Windows 7 stops or the keyboard responding when you shut down the computer or put the computer to Sleep. This problem frequently occurs on computers that have multiple processors or that have a processor with multiple cores. In this case, apply the hotfix from KB977307.

I hope this helps.



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