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How to find and install the Bluetooth Audio Driver for Windows 8.1

Asked by
Ian McElroy
2013/11/23 16:55
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Bluetooth connects audio device correctly, but audio screen says device not connected. Windows troubleshooter says error with driver and to reinstall it...but I can't find the driver on Windows Update or the HP support website and forum.
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Answered by
Mark Beare
2013/11/24 02:51
Hi Ian,

Some PC manufacturers are a bit slow to release drivers after new releases of Windows and unfortunately that means waiting for a driver to released. I\'m sure this is not the news you wanted to hear.

You do have two options though:

1. Find out the manufacturer of the Bluetooth adapter (it is probably not HP) and try to get the driver directly from them or you may even find that some Dell systems (or some other manufacturer) use this bluetooth adapter too and offer the newer driver.

2. Try running a scan with Driver Reviver to see if that finds a newer Bluetooth driver for you.

Good luck!

Commented by Ian McElroy
2013-11-24 08:02:16
Thanks for the reply.....I had tried what you suggest already, but the info about drivers perhaps not being available yet is helpful. Anyway, the Soundlink had worked before, so I did a System Restore and the bluetooth adapter reappeared, so my problem is fixed (altho I have no idea what happened to the driver in the first place!). Thx again.
Commented by Mark Beare
2013-11-24 08:16:56
OK well I am glad that it is working for you again now :)

Answered by
2018/03/09 17:04

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how to reinstall bleutooh audio device software

Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2015/12/11 10:24

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Hi Ian,

You can follow the below steps to solve this problem:

1. Restart Bluetooth Support Service
You may want to check if the related Services are started and running smoothly. To do this, press Windows key + R, type services.msc. Next, right click on Bluetooth Support service and select Restart.
Bluetooth devices not showing
Right click on Bluetooth support service and select Properties and ensure that the startup type is Automatic.

Startup type automatic2. Enable the Bluetooth Audio Service
Verify whether the settings for Bluetooth speaker given below is enabled by default or not. If not, enable it and check if it solves the issue. Follow the steps to enable the Bluetooth Audio Service.

  • Press Win+X key together and select Control Panel from the list. Select Devices and Printers.
  • In Devices and Printers, locate the Bluetooth speaker device and right click on the device. Click on Properties and navigate to Services tab.
  • Select Audio Sink, Hands free Telephony and Remote Control and click on Apply.
3. Update Bluetooth Device Driver
To do this, you can use the Device Manager.
Press Win+R, type devmgmt.msc to open the Device Manager. Expand Bluetooth.
bluetoothClick on Properties, click on Driver tab.
Click Update Drivers button.
update driverClick on OK button.

I hope this helps.



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