The Automatic Disk Check and What it Means

Most of us have seen this happen. We start up our desktop or laptop PC as normal, and suddenly a screen appears. It says that your hard drive needs to be checked for consistency, and launches a scan of the hard drive.

What does this mean? Is the hard drive damaged? Should you be worried?

The Automatic Disk Check and What it Means
This automatic scan can happen often when you start up your PC.

The short answer is “No.” This automatic disc check occurs when your PC isn’t shut down properly. For example, you have a power outage, your computer froze up and you had to shut it down, or your battery was removed.

Usually, this disk check won’t uncover a problem. However, certain types of PC crashes can cause disk errors, so when you see this pop up, it’s a good idea to let it run its course, even if that takes awhile. If you interrupt it, Windows will just ask you again the next time you reboot.

This disk check can also occur when you remove a USB hard drive before Windows has a chance to finish its current activity with it.

Both of these disk checks happen because Windows marks your drive as “dirty”. This sounds worse than it is. It just means that Windows needs to complete a scan before marking the drive “clean” again.

If you notice that Windows is scanning your drive automatically every time you reboot, no matter what you do, there’s a way to disable these automatic scans.

Disable Automatic Disk Check

In Windows XP through Windows 7:

  1. Click Start
  2. Right click on Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator
  3. Type chkntfs /x c: and press Enter

In Windows 8 and 8.1:

  1. Press Windows Key + X
  2. Click Command Prompt (Admin) (Windows PowerShell (Admin) in Windows 8.1)
  3. Type chkntfx /x c: and press Enter

Windows will no longer perform these automatic scans. It’s a good idea to check your drive for errors on a regular basis yourself.

  • Ixtab Theheartless

    thanks for the post, it does clear some stuff up. however, my problem is my computer freezes in stage 2 at 56% every time i run the check. any advice would be most appreciated.

  • Setyo Budiawan

    i have a problem. my microsoft office word 2007 (enterprise) cannot displaying my printer when i start to print, although my pinter installed an set as default. When i Tried choose printer device, this program display a comment : restarting program..” I had unistall it and installed again but tihs problem occur again. please help me

  • bw

    thank you let it run as it was freezing on some sites

  • Elbio

    Thanks for the post. My PC (Windows 7) does this every time I boot up though I shut down normally (Start-Shutdown). I disabled the disk check, but i wish i knew what the root cause is.

  • had enough

    I let mine run and it deleted hundreds of files from my hard drive. Never to be seen again :-( BEWARE (said it was deleting index files. whatever they are. only way to kill it is to unplug it.)

  • Adrik Jeffery

    Would I use the same command, but instead replace the ‘c:’ with ‘g:’ my G: drive seems to be the one with consistency issues

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