A Guide to the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR Blue Screen of Death


STOP Code: 0x0000007a

The KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR Blue Screen of Death occurs whenever Windows has trouble reading something kept in the memory properly. This can apply to both kinds of memory: stored memory on your hard drive, but also dynamic memory in your RAM, which is usually what technicians refer to as “memory”.

Fortunately, this one has two very simple solutions, and if they don’t work, you simply have defective hardware. The solutions are below, but first, I’ll give you a few screenshots of what this error should look like.

This error as seen in Windows 8.

This error as seen in older versions of Windows.

The first possible solution is that your hard drive is the one causing the problem. To check if your hard drive is causing the issue in Windows XP, Vista or 7 , open a Windows Search (Windows Key + F), and type in ‘chkdsk’. Execute it — you can’t run a disk check while actively using Windows, but you can schedule it to start automatically the next time your computer is turned on. Wrap up what you need to and reboot — the disk check process can take a very long time, especially on large and/or slow hard drives. Watch some TV, play a game, take a nap … whatever you want to pass the time.

To do this in Windows 8 open Windows search (Windows Key + F) and then type ‘cmd’. Right click on the Command Prompt and choose “Run as Administrator” from the bar at the bottom of the screen. You will need to provide administrator authentication and then the Command Prompt windows will come up. Type the command “chkdsk C: /f /r /x” where ‘C:’ is the letter of the drive you wish to examine or repair. This is most commonly drive “C:” but it may be different in your case.

When the disk check is finished, your computer will automatically reboot. The disk check will fix any problems it encounters in your hard drive — and it likely will encounter some, even if they aren’t the cause of this particular error.

The second possible solution is that your RAM is causing the problem. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and Windows makes constant usage of it to keep multiple applications running and keep tabs on important system data. To check if one of your RAM sticks is causing the problem, open another Windows Search and type in Memory Diagnostics Tool. What follows is similar to the disk check process — you can restart immediately to check your memory or you can schedule it for the next time your computer is on. Save what you need to and run the Memory Diagnostic.

After both of these processes are finished, you should be able to determine what’s causing the problem. If the Memory Diagnostic doesn’t flag any problems with your RAM, then your hard drive is the culprit. If, however, it does find issues, it means you have defective RAM that needs to be removed or replaced.

If using a laptop — or you simply don’t know how to replace RAM — call your manufacturer or a technician to help you from here. You’ve done your part.

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  • ReviverSoft

    Certainly it could be the power supply causing the issue. If you’ve got new components, it’s possible your PSU isn’t up to the task and may need replaced with one that has a higher wattage.

  • ReviverSoft


    Puede que tenga que utilizar el comprobador de controladores para localizar el origen del problema. ¡Buena suerte!


  • Willo

    A mí me pasó lo mismo y estaba casi seguro que se trataba de uno de los discos duros. Pero realmente la fuente de poder estaba dañada, el disco duro de 1Tb requería una salida exclusiva, estaba utilizando una bifurcación SATA y la compartía con la unidad Blu-Ray. Cambié la fuente por una de 700 Watts y problema solucionado Mi equipo tenía una tarjeta de vídeo, una de audio y dos discos duros, la fuente era insuficiente y es disco duro más grande era el damnificado.

  • ReviverSoft

    Muy buena información! Gracias por publicar y mantener la lectura de la página!

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Kami menggunakan Google Translate untuk artikel blog kita jadi saya minta maaf jika terjemahan tidak bekerja dengan baik. Kami menerapkan transaltions bertenaga masyarakat segera meskipun!

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Yes sounds like this might be the case. You might be able to buy a new one and return it if it doesn’t fix the problem :)

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Bu gibi sesler Telefonunuz için sürücü ile ilgili bir sorun olabilir? Ne telefon? Bu telefon için en son yazılım alma ve önce telefon takarak bu yüklemeyi deneyin.

  • Nufar Noy

    hello, my computer anounced me the second time that i have an error “kernel data inpage error”, i’m trying to follow the instructions above – the first option and it’s not working…i mean whes i search’ Windows find reasults in the settings and in the apps, and nothing is doing enything…
    wish for help…nufar

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Hi Nufar,

    Try following these instructions for running Chkdsk: http://www.tekrevue.com/tip/how-to-scan-fix-hard-drives-with-chkdsk-in-windows-8/

    I need to update this article.


  • Micah

    I have Windows 8 and I have this problem, but I can’t run memory diagnostics because my computer doesn’t even get to the login screen before giving me this error. Am I going to need a nee hard drive?

  • Makoto

    a parte do disco rigido eu entendi agora o da ram nao entendi,alguem poderia me explicar?

  • Ventas Sgm

    intenten actualizar la bios si sigue saliendo desactualizen la bios asta la version mas vieja que encuentren yo tengo una hp g6 actualize la bios y me dio este error formatie a windows 8.1 y segia saliendo volvi a windows 7segia saliendo en cada inicio entonces desactualize a bios ala primera vercion que hay y con eso se soluciono el problema

  • GuilleCX

    Tengo ese problema con windows 8
    Cuando ejecuté el chkdsk se quedó atorada en 27%

  • Brett Duncan

    Or just don’t buy a windows device, because Chrome OS and Mac OS X does not have this problem. Chrome OS can easily be put onto a Windows computer as an VM (virtual machine).

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    I get the sense you are not a big fan of Windows Brett :)

  • Brett Duncan

    I like windows, it just comes with too many errors, depending on the version, it isn’t too bad.

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    I definitely agree with for earlier versions of Windows but Windows 7 and 8 are very solid. Can’t tell you how solid compared to Linux but I have found they are more reliable than Mac OSX

  • sso90724

    I’m having the same problem too.. but my laptop doesn’t even get to login.. I just bought the laptop a few ago and I wonder whether this problem happen because of my hard disk or something related with software. I try to turn on but there’s a message ‘boot failure’.

  • Kathy

    What if the scan of the drive gets stuck at 10% and you can’t get out of the scan?

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Hi Kathy,

    What scan are you talking about? Is it Driver Reviver?

  • nathaniel doe

    mine is getting stuck at ten percent also

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Are you talking about Driver Reviver?

  • Abraham Cuevas Campos

    Hola acabo de formatear mi pc.. bueno instalos los drivers todo bien despues de haber instalado los drivers me vuelve a salir ese pantallazo azul y mi pc se vuelve a poner lenta no entiendo por que

  • Vale Skračić

    hi…i checked all comments above but i havent found my situariin…I followed the instruction to do a scan of C disc and scan is running for seven hours now and shows no progress for hourd.It is stuck at 27% so I am afraid to do anything but cant help wondering how long does it take…IT is TOshiba laptop with windows 8os and disc size of 500gb.Is it normal that it takes this long…can I do something about it and how long should i wait before I throw my dear laptop with windows 8 out of a window 1 of my living room…heheheh
    Thanks for your response

  • 永辉

    I’m having the same problem too,it stuck at 27%
    Appreciate your replies

  • http://www.InTheCube.co.za/ InTheCube.co.za

    You can get into Windows using Safe Mode. Then run the diagnostics tools mentioned. Do a Google search to learn how to start Windows in Safe Mode.

  • thais m

    Ultimamente o meu notebook tem aparecido aquela tela azul da morte, windows 8, ele tem travado muito, lento .. ele tá na garantia e é novo.. e eu tenho o cd de instalação dele, eu já formatei ele, não tenho muita coisa salva, tenho medo de perder os documentos, trabalhos pra faculdade. O que eu faço ?? No momento não to podendo levar ele num técnico pois o que eu vou cobra muito caro, já que o problema é no HD.. e ele fica no meu quarto que nem é quente, fica sempre arejado. O que eu faço pra ele não danificar de uma vez e eu não ficar sem o meu amado notebook ??

  • Xavier Sala Bendicho

    Solución Efectiva 100%



    Es mas sencillo de lo que parece arreglar este problema.

    Hacemos lo siguiente:

    Boton derecho del ratón sobre “equipo”, escogemos propiedades, buscamos “configuración avanzada del sistema” y clicamos sobre él, en propiedades de sistema abajo en “inicio y recuperación” vamos a configuración y elegimos en volcado, la opción Volcado de memoria completa.

    Aceptamos reiniciamos y se acabaron los pantallazos.


    Listo. Espero les ayude

  • Hien Ramsay

    Mine also gets stuck with 27%

  • Atilio Rivarola

    Hola, a mi también me paso lo mismo..se quedó atorada en 28% pudiste solucionar? Cómo lo hiciste?

  • Atilio Rivarola

    Hola, ya me ha salido varias veces el error aunque no me sale todos los días, es muy aleatorio el problema.. hice el chkdsk como dices aquí pero se me atoró en 28%..lo reinicié y reinició el chkdsk y se volvió a atorar en 28%.. Lo dejé allí trabajando durante 48 horas y todavía estaba en 28%.. Alguna solución posible por favor? Desde ya muchísimas gracias!!

  • GuilleCX

    La verdad sigo teniendo este problema, no puedo usar mi PC al 100% por estar evitando la pantalla azul.
    Y con lo de que se atora, no la apagues ni nada por el estilo, espera que la computadora se reinicie sola, va a tardar mucho atorada en 28%, ten mucha paciencia deja la computadora sola.
    Leí que es problema de windows 8 con el chkdsk, y que la única forma de analizarlo es sacar el disco duro, conectarlo a otra PC y analizar el disco como disco secundario.
    Y no lo he intentado porque no he tenido acceso a otra PC en estos meses…. Pero si encuentras alguna otra solución te agradecería mucho que me lo hicieras saber. ^^

  • Atilio Rivarola

    Estuve leyendo otros foros y decidí la mejor solución que creo q es formatear toda la computadora. Guardaré todos mis archivos en un disco externo y luego formatearé. Leí en un foro que Windows 8 tiene la opción de formatear todo e instala automáticamente el mismo Windows original con el q vino.. y de ahí empezamos de cero! Todavía no lo probé pero pongo mi fe en eso!! :D

  • GuilleCX

    Me parece que no nos quedará de otra, me iré consiguiendo aunque sea prestado un disco externo.
    ¿Después de que la formatees podrías compartir que tal quedó? Serías de gran ayuda. Suerte ^^

  • Atilio Rivarola

    Ok, no hay problema.. Sólo que lo haré después de Semana Santa recién.. Gracias y suerte para vos también :D

  • casey

    I did both tests the ram test passed but I can’t finish the chkdsk. On stage 4/5 it said The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters an unspecified error has occurred (6e74667363686b2e b34). I’ve ran the test 4 times and the first time it stopped on a different file with the same error but got past it the second time. The next 3 times it’s all stuck on the same file 286789. Does this mean the problem is definitely with my hard drive and I should replace it?

  • Gusty Ortiz

    Hola, que tal Perdón que me meta en su conversación! Yo tengo este error de pantalla azul, formatee el disco varias veces, pero no se soluciona! Solo mejora por algunos días y, luego, vuelve a aparecer

  • Atilio Rivarola

    Todavía no tuve tiempo de formatear mi disco pero ojalá yo pueda solucionar!! De todos modos te cuento que leí en otro foro que el programa HDDRegenerator es muy bueno y soluciona casi todos los problemas de disco!! Sólo q no es un programa gratuito.. todavía no descargué pero comparto contigo la info por si te sirva :)

  • Gianfranco Mazzei

    Hola, llegaste a solucionar el problema? Actualmente no puedo usar mi laptop debido a esos errores , si sabes algo te agradeceria compartirlo.

  • Arun

    Ran BSOD viewer and clear the minidump files

  • Bee

    Hello. I cannot use the command prompt. It doesn’t show. All it shows is a screen with Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup on it and the configuration settings. What can I do?

  • Carlos Eduardo Guimarães

    Meu computador parou nos 10% e não avança! O que eu faço pra ele voltar ao normal?

  • Jarod

    Big problen. I ran the chkdsk thing on my second hard drive that I use to store my games. (Yeah yeah. I’m a gamer.) After rebooting my computer it says that access is denied to drive E:. Showing the properties shows that I have no space in it. Free or used. Any suggestions?

  • http://batman-news.com KGF

    Did you come right? was there a reason you ran chkdsk in the first place? First thing I’d try is to gain access. What OS are you using? If you are logged in as an administrator, try taking ownership of the drive/folder under permissions. If all fails, download and use a trial version of Easeus data recovery. Run it, if it sees your files at least they are not lost, the trial version allows recovery of up to 2GB. I don’t know what the full version costs. If you are big into games, make sure you run backups often (just use something simple like robocopy).

  • Jarod

    After a few hours of struggle the day it happened, i had to take ownership of the drive. I appreciate the response though! :)

  • Rodo

    Hola tengo el mismo problema y deber ser el power supply pues el reloj se atrasa casi a diario.

  • Anthony Pang

    So I tried running the chkdsk but it always get stuck on “scanning and repairing drive” at 12% every time I run it and I end up having to hold down the power button to switch it off. I then have to reboot my computer and stop it from trying to scan and repair my drive again and get stuck. I don’t know where to go from here?

  • Ghassan A. Arriola

    I was stuck at 11% but I slept… then when i woke up My laptop was in the log in screen

  • Robert

    If your the owner what do you insert for administrator authentication.

  • Frandys Roque

    Aun no lo he probado dado a que despues de eso no me inició el windows, me dice que que DISK BOT esta estropeado…

  • Loveena

    Hi, when I try to run “chkdsk C: /f /r /x” it gives me an error message saying “The program can’t start because ifsutil.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.” Can anyone help?


    Please help me I got the error disc message testerday, I’m trying to fix now but my laptop jus keep blinkin once I log n I can’t do anything the screen is jumpimg

  • BlackGK

    Ayuda, tengo el windows vista y me sale este error pero al realizar la busqueda, pongo chkdsk y me sale que no se encontró ningun elemento. ¿Por qué?

  • Eventide81

    You can’t blame Windows for a hardware problem.

  • Alberto Zannol

    if the problem is a OS problem it happens still when running a VM…. I’m pretty surprised…

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    Have to disagree with you. Windows 8 had and still is causing me grief…

  • Michael Matthews

    these aren’t OS problems.

  • mayssundaztood

    Hola, el día de ayer se calló mi laptop por primer vez, hoy me apareció el mensaje (es Windows 8), cargo los datos del error al poco tiempo, pero nunca se reinició cómo indicaba, preferí quitarle la batería pero pasaron veinte minutos y solo quedó el logo de DELL cargando después solo quedó un cuadro negro, le volví a quitar la batería y paso lo mismo (hasta ahora), intenté usar la solución para W8 y no funcionó, últimamente mis aplicaciones y archicos aparecen así (imagen) ¿creen que sea por la caída? Y de ser así ¿que puedo hacer?, gracias.

  • LostPatriots

    I just have a simple question about this ReviverSoft website and the comments section that is powered by Disqus. Why is the article content written in english and the comments section written in spanish? Is there a way for me to translate the comments into english so I can read them? I was wondering about this and thank you to anyone who can help me with an answer.


  • LostPatriots

    Ok…..some comments are in english I see farther down the page. I guess a lot of these commenters are spanish speaking and a few are english speaking. So, never mind about my previous comment, I answered it myself by scrolling down further on the page. I had this BSOD just now for the kernel data inpage error and since my computer always has a check disk run at every start up then it always passes just fine…..I am assuming that maybe my 2GB RAM memory chips are likely the problem. I am now using the windows memory diagnostics tool to see if this tells me anything. I will come back with my results…..thank you ReviverSoft.

  • Prathus

    my chkdsk went fine and told that my pc is working fine but whenever i try to run memory diagnose test my pc shuts down itself while running this test

  • mr.t

    Who to blame then?
    Windows always have problems with hardware and W8 is still the worst W ever.
    Never had this problem witj Mac or Chrome

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.


    You can blame your specific set of hardware if it’s causing the problem. Windows hardware isn’t any worse than Mac or Chrome, it all depends on the specific computer build you have. My Windows computer builds have never lasted any less than five years, on the other hand my friend’s Mac and Chromebook PCs generally last around two years before going kaput.

    Software has nothing to do with hardware except that it can determine compatibility, and Windows is compatible with a much wider variety of hardware than Mac or Chrome operating systems – fact. This means Windows PCs can have way lower quality components and way higher quality components, which is why my custom builds(always with decent components) generally last longer than friends’ PCs(normally PC manufacturers cut corners for higher profit margins).

  • mr.t

    Windows always have this errors codes and evrything. The system crash, 9 000 updates/ day, and it still sucks.
    Na, hardware problem can be hard to blame Windows for, it came out wrong.
    If I was in for computers I would probably build my own, but Im just using it for photojobs etc.
    intel core i7, 8gb RAM, 750Gb HDD, I think it will work nire yhen 1 1/2 year!

  • Jonathan Spencer

    You should have a password you created when you first got the computer. I
    believe it’s the same thing as your Microsoft password.

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