A Guide to the BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO Blue Screen of Death Error


STOP Code: 0x00000074

There’s one of two reasons you’re here.

Either you’re helping a friend that’s experiencing this particular Blue Screen of Death error, or you’re trying to fix it yourself. Regardless of your goals, welcome — you’ve come to the right place. If you have the BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error, then the resulting screen should look like this:

On versions of Windows before Windows 8.

Or this:

On Windows 8.


First off, the BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO error is caused by faults in your computer’s registry. With names like Blue Screen of Death and Registry being tossed around, you’re probably pretty worried right about now — let me explain what these things are before we proceed.

The Registry of your computer is, more or less, its table of contents. This table of contents is used to locate everything on your computer, from your operating system to your favorite web browser, to your songs and games. If the registry is damaged, especially the parts leading to the operating system, then you’re going to get this error and your computer is likely going to be rendered unusable for the time being.

A Blue Screen of Death is an error encountered whenever your computer encounters something it can’t process. It shuts itself down to prevent further damage, and in most cases that’s the end of your worries — most people never encounter the BSoD again, and even if they have frequent problems with it, it’s usually fixable.

In this case, however, the damage done is severe. There are three possible problems: faulty memory (RAM), a faulty hard drive, or a program that’s damaged your registry.

To test the former, remove your RAM sticks and leave only one in, testing which stick won’t let your system boot. If none of them are the source of the problem, it’s not a RAM issue — and if you don’t know how to do this, get a technician.

Next, you should try to let Windows use Startup Repair to fix your problem or boot from a Last Known Good Configuration. If neither of these work, then you’re going to have to get your hard drive replaced — because either your hard drive is faulty or a program damaged your registry beyond repair.

You can also try our Registry Reviver and see whether its registry cleaning and optimizing properties can clear up this particular error.

For further assistance, contact your manufacturer or Microsoft.

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    Entschuldigungen über den deutschen Text! Wir sind auf bessere Übersetzungen arbeiten die ganze Zeit. Vielen Dank!

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    That solution almost always works! Be sure and back up your important files first, though. Good luck!

  • Olá Ricardo,

    Meu Português é muito ruim.

    Você já tentou remover alguns RAM para ver se ele está com defeito?

    Ou você já tentou fazer um reparo de inicialização do Windows?


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    Como voy a usar o al menos instalar el reviver registro si estoy con este problema de que mi portatil se reinicia porque en mi caso no es una computadora de escritorio.

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    Amigo me ajude! Tenho win 7. Mudei de 1 para 4 núcleos. Porém agora ele entrou em looping e não consigo mais acessar nada. Aparece a tela de incialização do Windows e coloco abrir com segurança. Ele sai, entra numa tela azul de erro, dai reinica sozinho e volta para a tela de acesso ao windows. O que faço? Grato.

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