A Guide to the “Bad Pool Caller” Blue Screen of Death Error

Sometimes, your computer decides to give a terrible wailing noise and fill your eyes with a much-feared Blue Screen of Death, though on newer computers its forms are much friendlier. With the bad_pool_caller error, your BSoD should look like this:

BAD_POOL_CALLER in Windows 7.

Or this:

BAD_POOL_CALLER in Windows 8.

Despite the name, Blue Screens of Death usually don’t have such dire implications as the name given. BSoDs happen whenever your computer is encountered with something it doesn’t know how to process, so it shuts itself down to prevent any damage. Sometimes BSoDs just happen once and you don’t see them again when you restart — however, this solution isn’t always reliable, and whatever’s causing your problem is so persistent that the BSoD is striking repeatedly.

In the case of bad_pool_caller, what has happened is that a thread in your processor has made a bad pool request. This means that it’s asking to use resources that are unavailable, nonexistent, or in use by another thread. It could also mean that the pool header is corrupted — regardless of the particular error, it, like most BSoDs, is caused by driver issues.

Drivers are, in short, what makes your computer work. Every device connected to your computer — and nearly every component inside it — has a driver that determines how it interacts with your device. Thanks to a good driver, your mouse clicks are registered. When driver issues are encountered- which is fairly common on new operating systems like Windows 8 — it can cause a lot of problems for the computer and the end user, but, fortunately, there’s usually an easy fix.

If you can determine what device has started to cause this error — normally a new peripheral — go to Device Manager (in the Control Panel) and find your driver. From there, you can get Windows to search for updates, you can disable it, or you can uninstall it entirely. You can also use our Driver Reviver software, which is automated, to find the driver issues inside your computer and fix them all, which should help you significantly in the future.

If your Drivers aren’t the problem, however, a new program may be the issue. If you can determine what program you installed that started this, uninstall it and, after a restart, you should be good to go.

Any further issues are best taken to Microsoft or your manufacturer’s tech support. If you’re using Windows 8, however, be sure to update your BIOS and drivers completely before taking these steps. Due to its stance as a new operating system, it isn’t as well-tested as most are. Instructions on updating your BIOS can be found on your manufacturer’s website, or at the article linked above.

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  • ReviverSoft


    Muito feliz que fomos capazes de ajudá-lo! Continue lendo o site!

  • Luis Carmona

    Thanks so Much, realy help me to fix may pc´s and install the right OS, God Bless You

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    It may be a newer driver causing the error. Try rolling back you graphics driver to see if that fixes the problem.

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    Прошу прощения за плохие переводы. Мы работаем над решением этой.

  • reconnect sp

    Russians does not need translation, the original English it is quite suitable.
    здесь нет конкретного пояснения причин проблемы.

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    OK. Our website is available in English also :) We would still like to offer a better reading experience for people viewing our site in Russian. Really appreciate the feedback!

  • vasil dimitrov

    Tova Stava Pri Error Remix

  • Kamran Güneş

    I have this issue because of the uninstalling ESET SMART SECURITY… and so i did not find any solve..(

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    So you started seeing the issue after uninstalling ESET? Does it go away when you install ESET again?

  • Kamran Güneş

    No It does not. After that i have tried to install again or reinstall but always had the blue dead screen. So I have tried to restore system but cannot restore either. I think the problem here is the Windows Installer. Because the installer is not working too after the ESET.

  • http://www.reviversoft.com/ Mark Beare

    What installer is not working? What are you trying to install?

  • Kamran Güneş

    “Windows Installer” as I say is not work and you cannot install or reinstall any program after you have the bad_pool_caller so I check some drivers and no I can not find any solution yet!

  • Daniel Wassenaar

    I got this error when I set up a wifi hotspot with my desktop. Very odd but it only ever happens when I do that. I guess I’ll just stop from now on.

  • Ric Euteneuer

    Sorry, I’m not paying £25 for a piece of software (Driver Reviver) like this – that’s ridiculously expensive for what it does

  • Алексей Котов

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  • sdfsd

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  • Joshua Noe

    Ugh, pointless promotional article with no helpful content. Shame this comes up as one of the first hits on Google.

  • PuntoRed

    “..go to Device Manager (in the Control Panel) and find your driver. From there, you can get Windows to search for updates,..” WTF?? BSOD means NO windows…

  • Zac J

    Sometimes it happens when you overload the ram so fast that the PC doesn’t know what to do and shuts itself down happens a lot on old compiter. Other than that 90% of the time it’s because you have bad ram or windows itself is corrupted

  • Flare

    Why is it called the ‘Screen of death’?

  • Flare

    Like really, why?

  • poop


  • poop

    this is poop

  • poop

    doesn’t help a bit

  • Ayla

    Possibly because your PC is dying.

  • Ben Gaster

    After your computer restarts and reloads Windows….go to device manager.

  • Nitro Express

    Крутятся полторы сотни виртуальных машин, а такая херня замечается только под виндами с касперским.

  • RC

    same here… I used an app named “My Wifi Router”… and after 5-10 minutes I get this BSOD :/

  • Adam Itinerant

    Thanks for this, pity those with no manners who think an article is shit because they didn’t learn anything. May their search histories be made public.

  • Willie Beard

    just a nickname its gotten over time. like xbox’s red ring of death.

  • dal

    I got this bad pool caller after installing a firewall if that’s an indication that the fire wall is shutting down some critical software from running.

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