newRefined user interface featuring an optimized design
newIncreased number of tiles from 32 to 64
newWindows 7 mode to give you more choice
newScrolling tiles for easier navigation

The perfect Windows 8 Start menu combining the best of Windows past with the direction of Windows future.

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Start Menu Reviver v.


Why is Start Menu Reviver better?

Better Design

Start Menu Reviver is the only Start menu that truly combines the familiar navigation structure of previous Start menus with the unique tile design of Microsoft's new modern Windows direction.

Look to the future, with the best from the past.

Better Personalization

Start Menu Reviver puts control back in your hands by allowing you to create your own launch pad. Create tiles for applications, Windows tasks, websites, documents, music files, video files and just about any other file.

It's your computer so Start Your Way!

Better Usability

Start Menu Reviver is the only Start menu that is truly touchscreen-friendly, and has multiple re-sizing options, making it easy to use on both traditional and touch screen devices.

Start Menu Reviver. Start Better.
To read about our philosophy behind Start Menu Reviver, visit ReviverSoft founder Mark Beare's blog post: Announcing Start Menu Reviver 2.

so many more useful features

Powerful Search

The search box in Start Menu Reviver is a one stop shop for finding anything on your computer. It will help you find applications, computer settings and documents in a matter of seconds.

Access the Start Screen

If you still want to access the Windows 8 Start screen, you can see it and access it directly in Start Menu Reviver. You can even see how it looked the last time you were there.

Make a website Tile

Start Menu Reviver doesn't just let you add desktop and modern applications as tiles, you can also make tiles to quickly access your favorite websites and even your favorite documents.

Choose your Start Button

You can easily customize the default Start Button. Start Menu Reviver has many different Start buttons to choose from.

Truly Touchscreen-Friendly

The unique tile structure in Start Menu Reviver means that it is the only Start Menu that is truly touch-friendly. Of course you can still use your mouse and keyboard, but with Start Menu Reviver you can also easily add, remove, move and edit at the touch of a finger.

Manage Desktop and Modern Application

Launch both traditional desktop programs and new Windows 8 modern applications directly from the the Start Menu. No other product allows you to do this.

Over 3,000000 people have downloaded Start Menu Reviver and use it regulary

What people say about Start Menu Reviver

"It's hard to think of a feature the menu left out, yet it manages to pull it off without feeling too cluttered. For those reasons and more, it gets my thumb's up."
May 2012
"...Start Menu Reviver is the best free offering on the market today."
May 2013
"Our nod goes to Start Menu Reviver. This new app manages to fuse support for traditional desktops and new touchscreen devices into one interface with minimal pain."
Digital Trends
May 2013
"...if you want a Start Menu, this is the best we've seen."
Tech Advisor
June 2013
"...I discovered Start Menu Reviver from ReviverSoft and was immediately impressed with the truly unique approach!" and "In fact, Start Menu Reviver is such a great melding of the old and new user interfaces that if Microsoft had put something like this in Windows 8 from the get go they sure would have saved themselves a lot of grief."
Tech Republic
June 2013
"The power of the Start menu is back in your hands with Start Menu Reviver."
Tom's Guide
July 2013

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Start Menu Reviver v.

system requirements

Windows 7,8, 10 | CPU: 300MHz or higher | RAM: 256 MB | Hard Disk Space: 22 MB
  • start menu reviver speaks:
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Danish
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
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