We are TRUSTe & McAfee Secure Certified!

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We are TRUSTe & McAfee Secure Certified!

Postby RS_Admin » Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:27 pm

ReviverSoft | www.ReviverSoft.com - Now TRUSTe & McAfee Secure Certified! 8-)


Today, we are pleased to announce that the ReviverSoft website has been certified by TRUSTe and McAfee, two leading authorities in the security and privacy solutions domains. Accessing ReviverSoft's services is now safer and more secure!

About TRUSTe:

TRUSTe, founded in 1997, is the leading online privacy solutions provider. TRUSTe offers a suite of privacy solutions to help businesses increase customer trust and engagement across all their online channels. The TRUSTe seal on ReviverSoft.com ensures the highest standards in online privacy and customer satisfaction.

ReviverSoft's TRUSTe Seal:


About McAfee Secure:

With McAfee SECURE for our website, ReviverSoft.com is scanned daily for thousands of hacker vulnerabilities. McAfee, the largest dedicated security company in the world, does this remotely, without any need for expensive or complicated hardware or software. Once certified to this high standard of security, ReviverSoft showcases their safety status by displaying the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

ReviverSoft's McAfee Secure Certification:


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The ReviverSoft Team
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