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Taking a Screenshot

PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:01 am
by Reggie
Learn how to take a screenshot (snapshot) of your computer screen or a part of the screen.

For all Windows Users:

1. Keep the content you need a screenshot of, open and ready on your screen.

2. Press the Print Screen or Prnt Scrn key on your keyboard. (This captures the screen)

3. Go to: Start Menu > Run > type MSPAINT > OK. This brings up the Microsoft Paint window.

4. In the Microsoft Paint window, select Edit and choose Paste.

5. You should now see your screenshot in the Microsoft Paint window.

6. Click on File, choose Save, give the image a suitable file name, select the location and click on Save.

That's it! Now, head to the location specified and you should find your screenshot. :)

For Windows Vista and Win 7 users users:

Use the built-in Snipping Tool to take screenshots with ease.

Win Vista ; Win 7

Additional References:

You could also use other dedicated tools like Jing, to capture a quick screenshot easily!

Good luck with screenshots! :)