Will I receive a renewal reminder for my license?

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Will I receive a renewal reminder for my license?

Postby RS_Admin » Mon May 14, 2012 12:29 am

Yes, you will receive email reminders.

To ensure uninterrupted usage of our products, we automatically send you a renewal notification email when your license is close to its expiry date. Simply put, it is an early reminder to renew your license.

The renewal notification email reminds of your license expiry date and includes an external link to effortlessly complete the renewal of your license. You may also renew your license by visiting the renewal page for the product on our website.

Frequency of Renewal Notification Emails from ReviverSoft:

- 30 days before your license expires

- 1 week before your license expires

- 1 day before your license expires

How do I check the expiry date of my license?

1. By accessing the License section within your product

2. Logging into the My Account section on the ReviverSoft website.

I recently renewed my license. Why do I still receive these renewal notices?

You might have received the renewal notice for a different license key or for a different product.

Please check your account to review your order and license details.

If you require renewal related assistance, please write to our Product Renewals Team.
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