BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO, sometimes represented with a STOP code of 0x00000074, means you’ve got a bad hard drive, bad memory or a bad Windows Registry. Let’s track down the problem.

If you’d like your documents read on the majority of computers and apps, you need to know what file format to save them in. Learn about that here.

The GeForce 320.18 stable graphics driver release, for GTX 600 and 780 cards, offers significant performance increases on many games. Download it here.

There are five principles to keep in mind when after a new computer, whether that’s a laptop, desktop, PC or Mac. Educate yourself about the five Ps.

Refresh rates? Response time? What do these things mean and why should I care when I buy a computer monitor? These terms and more are explained.

Introducing Start Menu Reviver

Start Menu Reviver is our innovative Start Menu replacement application for Windows 7 and 8. Learn more here.

Find out about the different type of backup options that are available and what the pros and cons of each are.

The GeForce 320.00 beta driver update for nVidia’s GTX 600 series graphics cards provides substantial performance increases. Here’s where to get it.

Windows RT on the Microsoft Surface offers distinct advantages over iOS on the iPad or Android on Android tablets. Learn what they are here.

The AMD Catalyst 13.4 update provides substantial benefits to many games for those with AMD 7000 series cards. Find out more here.

In this battle of text editing applications, we compare features of Notepad with Notepad++, and Wordpad with Microsoft Word. Which comes out on top?

The Windows Experience Index determines how powerful your PC is. Find out how Windows determines the score and what you can do about it.

This update is for everyone using Intel HD integrated graphics. Not sure what kind of graphics your PC has? Learn how to find this info here.

There are upsides and downsides to using a TV, rather than a monitor, as your PC’s primary display. Find out if a TV is right for your PC.

Everyone uses hashtags (“#”) on Twitter to organize and collect Tweets. But here’s an innovative way to use this idea to organize your files in the cloud.

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