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Customize the Look and Feel of Start Menu Reviver

Welcome to a series of fast articles on using individual features in our new, free application, Start Menu Reviver.

Start Menu Reviver has a lot of options to tailor it exactly how you want it. From color, to Start Menu Button design, to icons … it’s truly the Start Menu you want it to be.

Here’s some options for customizing the look and feel of Start Menu Reviver.

Customize Color

Click Start, then Settings, then the Change Color Scheme hyperlink. You can change the colors on the background, text, tiles, border, scrollbar and interface icon. You have 48 colors to choose from initially, but if you click on More Colors…, you have many more choices. Be sure that the colors you choose don’t clash too much, or you won’t want to use Start Menu Reviver anymore!

Customize the Look and Feel of Start Menu Reviver
Choose your Start Menu Reviver colors from this screen.

Customize Start Menu Button Style

The default Start Menu button is multicolor: red, green, blue and yellow. But you can choose nine other styles as well, including our personal favorite, Style 10: the ReviverSoft logo! Just click Start, then Settings, then Start Menu Settings. Then, select a new Start Menu button style.

Customize the Look and Feel of Start Menu Reviver
Choose a Start Menu button style from this menu.

Customize Tiles

We covered how to customize individual tiles in our last Start Menu Reviver article. The bottom line, though, is that it’s a good idea to make the tiles match your color scheme so that Start Menu Reviver is pleasing to the eye.

Go Back to Normal

If you’ve created a crazy color scheme for Start Menu Reviver and you’d like to take things back to how it was when you installed it, click Start, then Settings, then Start Menu Settings. Click Reset All Tiles and Settings. Note that this will also reset all the custom tiles you’ve created as well.

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