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How to fix download and install AOL gold errors for Mac

2019/01/16 08:29
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If you are a Mac user and is facing difficulties in downloading the AOL gold software in your device, then go through the following steps to rectify the error:
• Check the system requirements and make sure that they are correct.
• Ensure that you have a stable and fast working internet connection.
• Make sure that the router is showing proper Wi-Fi connection, and you are using the same network in your Mac device.
• Download the software through Safari browser.
• Clear up space in your device by deleting the junk files, if the system shows insufficient space.

With the help of these steps, you will be able to understand the procedure of fixing download install AOL Gold errors on Mac and would be able to access the software easily and smoothly.

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Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Echo Device
2019/02/08 08:34

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Hi Lokesh
Really nice information shared by you which will prove helpful for many users.
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/01/19 16:13

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Hi Steve,

You'll need at least 512 MB of free space on your hard drive and run Windows 7 or newer to download Desktop Gold on your computer.
Other system requirements:

• 1 GB RAM
• Internet connection
• Internet Explorer 7+
• 266 MHz or faster computer processor
• 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended

You can download it using below options:

If you're an AOL Advantage Plan memberAOL Desktop Gold is included at no additional cost with your membership.
1. Sign in to your MyBenefits page.
2. Under 'All Products' scroll to 'AOL Desktop Gold'.
3. Click Download Now.
4. Follow the installation steps listed below.

If you have an AOL Desktop Gold trial or subscription

1. Sign in to your My Account page.
2. Click My Services | Subscriptions.
3. Click Get Started under 'AOL Desktop Gold'.
4. Follow the installation steps listed below.

Using the link in the Official AOL signup confirmation email you received

1. Search your inbox for the subject line 'Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold'.
2. Open the email.
3. Click Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now.
4. Navigate to your Downloads folder and click Save.
5. Follow the installation steps listed below.

Install Desktop Gold

You'll need to download Desktop gold before you install it on your computer.
1. Open the File Explorer icon Image of the File Explorer icon. on your desktop taskbar.
2. Click the Downloads folder.
3. Double click the Install_AOL_Desktop icon Image of the Instal AOL Desktop icon..
4. Click Run.
5. Click Install Now.

I hope this helps.


Commented by
Addison Gills
2019/02/08 04:12
Hi Steve
The information shared by you is really helpful. You are a very skilled blogger.
Thanks for sharing
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Answered by
hannery lion
2019/01/16 19:20

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