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Which Are the Top 6 bikes under 1 Lakh in India in 2019?

2019/06/13 09:46
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Have Lakh bucks to spend? Here are top 6 bikes under 1 Lakh in India
Here, we have prepared a list of most exciting bikes 1 lakunder h (all prices mentioned here are ex-showroom prices). Ever since the entry-level sports commuter bikes demand rose, there is plenty of options available to us to choose from. Under 1 lakh, most of the bikes are 160cc with decent performance figures. These bikes also return acceptable fuel-efficiency. For namesake, we can call them Entry-level Performance Bikes or Sports Commuter segment.Read About More...
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Lokesh Yadav
2019/06/15 17:20

The kind of bike you want "depends".

Let me elaborate on the " depends", by asking these two simple questions.

Are you looking for comfort?


Are you really after the oomph factor(performance, looks, etc)?

Answering for the latter, first.
For an oomph factor I would really choose from the breed of naked sports bike in the market today. Top of mind : Suzuki gixxer, Yamaha fz.

With these bikes long rides may not be too comfortable, especially if you tag along a pillion rider. But yes, these are fun to zip in the traffic, but mind that some of these are not balanced and front heavy.

Now, coming to the former question.
The comfort again depends on how often you ride and the distances and what your body has to go through everyday ( traffic, potholes). Top of my mind apache RTR and to an extent avenger.

Why the RTR? I like bikes in which you don't have to strain your knees and the posture is straight as much as possible and it packs in some good performance as well. Avenger has the knee department worked out but the handle bars are raised, so does affect your shoulders and elbows in the long run.

Weigh these factors in before you decide on your ride.

On a side note: why can't our two-Wheeler industry bring back some of the best bikes like KB125, Yamaha 135.



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