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How to troubleshoot ATT Shared password ?

Asked by
Awa Wastom
2019/02/19 05:32
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ATT allows its users to associate their email with other services such as email, internet, and U-Verse. If you have shared your account and wish to troubleshoot this issue you can then follow the given steps:
• The first thing to ensure is that your access ID and email share the same password
• If the passwords are same, you would need to change or reset the password as this would make sure that your ID at and is also changed.
Above are the steps needed to troubleshoot for shared ATT passwords. If you face any such errors or even want more assistance regarding the same error, you can promptly connect with the ATT Technical Support number to avail expert advice.
Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/02/21 14:10
Hi Awa,

If you have a user ID with an AT&T email address associated with it, the password is the same on and

You need to be signed in to myAT&T with your User ID to complete these steps.
  1. Go to Profile > Sign-in information.
  2. In the My linked accounts section, if email, internet, or AT&T U-verse TV is listed, your AT&T email address is associated with your user ID. This means your email and ID share a password.

Troubleshoot shared passwords by service
Free AT&T email
  • Free AT&T email customers who have paid AT&T services may also have a user ID used for signing in at
  • Free AT&T email may include the following domains:,,,,,,,,,, or
  • If you add your AT&T email address to your user ID, they will share the same password.
  • How do you know if it’s been added? Sign in to with your AT&T email address. If you can see your billing details, your user ID and email are linked and share a password.

U-verse TV or AT&T Internet
  • U-verse TV and Internet customers have a Member ID (ex. that is both an email address at and a sign-in ID at
  • You can use the same ID and password to check your email on and manage your account on

U-verse TV or AT&T Internet with other AT&T accounts
  • AT&T U-verse TV and Internet customers have an AT&T email (ex. that is both an email address on and a sign-in ID on
  • AT&T U-verse TV and Internet customers who have another AT&T account, like wireless, may also have a user ID (ex. Jane123) that is used for managing that account on
  • If the user ID for your other account also manages your AT&T TV or Internet account, your AT&T email and user ID will share the same password. This includes your AT&T email address you use on
  • DSL customers have an AT&T email (ex. that is used on
  • Home phone customers have a user ID (ex. Jane123) used for signing in to to manage their account.
  • If you link your DSL AT&T email to the user ID for your home phone account, the DSL email and the user ID will share the same password.
I hope this helps.



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