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how to fix a leaked cartridge of Xerox printer?

Asked by
seth rollins
2019/03/15 12:12
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if you have any problem related to leaking cartridge of Xerox printers then kindly visit my blog How to fix leaking cartridge of Xerox printer? and follow the steps and try to resolve this problem and if your problem is still not resolved then visit this site Xerox Printer Customer Service Number | Online printer support and you can contact an expert technician there to resolve this issue of yours
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Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/03/17 17:27
Hi Seth,

The cartridges of Xerox printer contain a special combination of ink and lubricants to make images or letters while printing. Many cartridges are watertight with only one hole for dispensing the ink mixture but the leakage happens occasionally in the cartridge. In this situation, it needs to be fixed or replaced as soon as possible to prevent the damage to the printing machine itself.

You just have to follow the below-described guidelines properly:
  • First of all, open the cover of your machine and remove the cartridge from your machine and gently wipe both the housing and cartridges with a soft-alcohol based cloth. Do not use any water-based solution for cleaning as it can damage the electrical components.
  • Then wipe the printer head also where it connects with toner. Any dust or debris at the connection point can also cause leakage.
  • Now rub a white cloth or a tissue over the cartridge until you get know the leaking section. If it is only colored at the outlet then the component does not defect.
  • Once you determined the location of the leakage, inspect it and you will see a crack or fault. If not, then squeeze it until you see the damaged section.
  • After identifying the location, once more clean it with a cloth and then cut a piece of tape large enough to seal the damaged area.
  • Cover it with tape properly and smooth it as much as possible. Then place back the cartridge into the printer and test it to ensure the damaged area is firmly protected and properly printing.
If the leaking issue is still not fixed after following the above steps, then quickly give a call at toll-free Xerox Customer Support Number +61-283173523 and get an alternate solution from experts to fix this issue instantly.


Commented by Dave Walson
2019-08-21 08:51:23
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