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What to do if norton is disabled by a virus?

2019/03/15 11:28
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Norton is a software that keeps your system safe from online threats. If you see that Norton is disabled you can follow the steps given below:

• Close all background apps and restart your computer
• Run a cleaning tool and delete any unnecessary files
• Delete the Norton software and then reinstall it
• Remove the Norton software and install another anti-virus and scan your computer

If the steps mentioned above do not help you to resolve the Norton antivirus error you can call the Norton helpline and speak to a certified expert about how to enable Norton.

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Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/03/17 17:28
Hi Andrew,

In such situations you need to ensure that the Antivirus installed has the latest definitions. Now since this is a Symantec Endpoint forum I would discuss about the same.
Do not share the root drives i.e. C$, Admin$
The Autorun feature of the OS should be OFF so that when you insert a USB drive it does not execute automatically
Turn off system restore as some malicuos code take the help of system files to reinfect
Do not open any attachments if its not from a trusted source.
In case of an virus attack do not panic, we would resolve it for you. In case we do not have the signatures for the new variants Symantec Security response handles it.

2019/10/12 22:58

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a virus that disables it would get alot of money from me becuse norton antivirus is not antivirus it is a virus you try and uninstall it will give you trojan viruses 

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