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I wish Macreviver user, but found that the cleanup time was very long. I stopped before the end. I also read that some applications that I installed were removed. Is not there a good user manual? I feed

2013/11/14 13:13
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the problem is very new because I am a new user of this software
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2013/11/15 10:32

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Hello Rennat, We are sorry to hear about your experience with MacReviver. MacReviver offers various cleaning (cleaning different areas) and we would like to know if there is a single cleanup functions that takes too long or all functions combined? The cleanup process should last, unless there is a lot of data cleanup or if not there are some long interruptions (problems). It would be really helpful if you could answer these questions and more information with us, share via the support form below: Rest assured, one of our experts MacReviver Check your support request and help you. Sincerely, James

Answered by
Mark Beare
2013/11/14 20:46

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What quality of MacReviver you using that took to solve a long time

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