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I want to know how to uninstall.

Asked by
kazuo amano
2019/02/10 11:46
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I want to know how to uninstall.
Operating System:
Windows 10
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/02/10 15:42
Hi Kazuo,

Here's how to uninstall any program in Windows 10, even if you don't know what kind of app it is.
  1. Open the Start menu.

    Start button

  2. Click Settings.settings
  3. Click System on the Settings menu.Select System
  4. Select Apps & features from the left pane. 
  5. A list of all installed apps appears in the right pane.
  6. Select an app you wish to uninstall.
  7. Click the Uninstall button that appears. If it is grayed out, this is a system app you cannot remove.
  8. Click the Uninstall pop-up button to confirm.
I hope this helps.



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