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How to Fix Dell Error U1-2320 Error?

Asked by
Hilary Duff
2018/12/13 04:52
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To fix the Dell Error U1-2320 follow these steps:
Step 1. Reinstall the fuser unit
• Firstly, press the power button at the printer and unplug the printer from the power supply.
• Then, perform a reinstall process on fuser unit.
• Then plug in the Dell printer with power supply, and turn on the printer.
• This might solve the issue, but if the problem is still occurring, then try other steps.
Step 2. Verify fuser connection
• Ensure the fuser connection proper. Verify the connection carefully. Check the input as well as the output of the connection.
• Now check for the input voltage, if the input voltage is normal or not.
• Then fix any problem with a thermistor.
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2018/12/16 04:35
Hi Hilary,

The Error code U1-2320 related to the fuser, which indicating that fuser unit failure. So, if you are one of those users who experienced the similar problem, then you don’t need to worry about it. The Dell customer support team has already suggested the best techniques and solutions fix this issue. So, you just need to follow the below steps to quickly solve out this trouble.

Solutions to Fix Printer Error Code u1 2320
Solution 1:- Check Out the Unit Model Number
The problem is caused by a faulty fuse or failing fuse. Then you should try to check out the unit model number on Samsung site and look for the damage part number and try to replace it yourself or you can bring back the unit to a qualified service technician if you`re covered by warranty.

Solution 2:- Check Temperature Control of Fuser Unit

Make sure that the temperature control of fuser unit normal. If the temperature control of fuser unit is abnormal, then error U1-2320 happen (open Heat Error)

Perform Troubleshooting Steps:-
Step 1:- Try to turn the Samsung Printer off. Then re-install the fuser unit. And then turn the Samsung Printer on. Is the error message is disappeared?
Step 2:- In case, the problem persists, then you must turn the Samsung Printer off and remove the fuser unit.
  1. Verify if the fuser connector is connected properly.
  2. Verify if the input voltage is normal.
  3. Verify if the thermistor is twisted or contaminated.
Step 3:-After that checking continuity in the fuser connector and the problem still exists; order an SMPS/HVPS and FuserUnit and install as is necessary.
After applying the above solutions, your issue should be fixed.

I hope this helps.


Answered by
sofia williams
2019/02/26 05:20

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2019/07/11 14:37
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