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Windows has crashed and Ixhave lost all files in c drive including desktop files

Asked by
Yi Ling
2019/06/12 01:54
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Can I rollback and get it as it was earlier? This needs to be done by tomorrow. I have to leave for home.
Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/06/13 06:43
Hi Yi,

The first place you should look after deleting a file is the Recycle Bin. It may seem a little obvious, but this back-up facility can be overlooked. If your file is in there, right-click it and select Restore from the menu. Of course, the Recycle Bin doesn’t catch every file deletion, with files that have been deleted in DOS being a particular oversight. There are utilities that will cover this inadequacy, but if you’re in DOS, then merely knowing that a deletion could be permanent should have you in the right frame of mind.

The Restoration

An option you have at your disposal is to use an Undelete utility. To understand how these work, it helps if you have a little background knowledge of what happens when you delete a file. Windows stores file data in clusters, with the size of those clusters being determined by the type of file allocation table (FAT) you’ve set up to use. The FAT stores the links between clusters, which when connected together, make up each file. Some of the most basic file errors occur when this file becomes corrupt, and simple utilities such as ScanDisk can usually piece together the file.

Hanging Around

When it comes to file deletion, the important thing to realise is that the file isn’t actually removed from your hard drive. All that happens is that the files directory location is changed so that it points at the Recycle Bin instead. The data clusters for the file aren’t changed at all. You may think that this information is deleted when you empty the Recycle Bin, or when you bypass the Recycle Bin. But again, the actual data in the clusters is left intact, only this time the entry for the file in the FAT is updated so that those clusters are now free to be used and the first character of the file name is changed to reflect this.

A Quick Recovery

Programs that can recover these files do so by searching through the FAT for entries that have been flagged, and also by scanning the hard drive for clusters that look like they may be files. The most basic of these programs used to be part of the Microsoft OS, namely the Undelete.exe, but since the introduction of the Recycle Bin, Microsoft has stopped supplying the program. There are loads of utilities out there that will perform a similar function under more recent versions of Windows.

Recover with EasyRecovery

Ontrack’s data-recovery utility can restore files when your hard drive is logically dead.

1. You need to create the necessary boot disk now, while Windows is still working. If you haven’t been able to do this before encountering a problem, you’ll have to use another machine to create the disk.

2. Boot your machine with this disk. Once your hard drive has been given a good system check you’ll be presented with the same interface used by the Windows version of the software.

3. Select the partition you want to scan and the process will begin. Once this scan has finished you’ll be presented with a list of recoverable files. Hopefully your important ones are in this list.

I hope this helps.



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