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I copied my wedding shoot cd to my laptop. It got completed but one part says data redundancy error and stops

2016/09/05 06:15
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I am having HP laptop with I7 processor. If the copy can't work I have to travel 50 miles to go to the photographer who has shoot the video last month back as he says on phone I need to bring cd to him so that he can repair it.
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Lokesh Yadav
2016/09/05 10:45
Hi Jenna,

Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC error is quite common and can occur in any system. In reality CRC is a data check procedure that checks whether the data to be transferred is transferred successfully or damaged in the process. If you get this message, it means that the file being read by your PC or software is corrupted.

There are various reasons for the CD to get corrupted and I have mentioned them below with their solution:

Reason 1: Scratched CD
When you try to read data from your CD's or DVD's and you got this error means your system is unable to read data from CD and becomes extremely slow and hangs down. The problem can be because of the scratched CD disk, loose cables, bad CD Drive or the software related. If your CD drive reads other CD's then there is no problem with your CD drive and it may be the problem with your CD disk. Another cause of the problem might be the discs that were burnt poorly.

Solution: If the problem is CD related, then cleaning it can solve the CRC error but if it the same case with most disks, then it must be your CD drive issue.
A read error is to clean it in order to check if the error is being caused by a dirty surface. You can even wash the CD gently with a little detergent, using your fingers to clean it. (Avoid sponges, since they can scratch the CD.) If the error persists, try reading or playing the CD on another drive.

Reason 2: Reading from the damaged area 

Solution: Follow these steps to copy a single file from a damaged disk.
  1. Purchase and download JFilerecovery, a cross platform file recovery utility.
  2. Launch JFileRecovery.
  3. Specify the source file that needs to be recovered.
  4. Specify a destination file to copy the file to.
  5. Click "Begin Recovery" and wait for the recovery process to complete.
  6. The location of damaged parts of the file will be indicated and you may retry these areas.
  7. The destination file can now be used and copied without CRC errors.
I hope this helps in copying the data from the CD.



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