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My battery is not working. It shows 100% but doesn'twork.

Asked by
Naresh Rathi
2019/01/12 06:04
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How can I increase it.
Operating System:
Windows 7
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/01/13 13:36
Hi Naresh,

If your battery is not charging, please use the below steps to fix the issue.

Fix 1: Check the AC adapter and verify removable cord is fully inserted.
Make sure that the battery is properly seated in its compartment, and that there is nothing wrong with either the battery or laptop contact points. Finally, find out whether the problem doesn't lie with the laptop at all: Try plugging the power cord into a different outlet to see if you've got a short or a blown fuse.

Fix 2: Check the Connector
When you plug in the laptop's power connector, the connection should be fairly solid. If it's suddenly wobbly or loose, or if the receiving socket gives when it should stay firm, the power jack may have broken inside the chassis. Are there discolorations or any sort of burning smell? If there seems to be any damage to the power connector, repairs will be in order.

Fix 3: Check Your Settings
  1. In the Control Panel, open up the Power Options.
  2. Open the plan settings and visually check that all are properly set.
  3. Be on the lookout for incorrect settings for the battery, display, and sleep options.
  4. For example, your battery settings may cause trouble if you set the computer to shut down when the battery level drops too low or set the low battery level at too high a percentage.
Windows Power Management
You can also assign actions like sleep and shut down when your lid is closed or the power button is pressed.
If these settings have been changed, it's easy to suspect a power malfunction even though there's no physical problem with the battery or charging cable.
The easiest way to make sure that your settings aren't causing problems is to restore the power profile to default settings.

Fix 4: Update Your Drivers
  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Under "Batteries" you should see three items, one for the battery, another for the charger, and a third listed as "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery".
  3. Open each item, which will bring up a Properties window. Under the "Driver" tab, you'll see a button labeled "Update Driver."
  4. Go through the driver update process for all three.
  5. Once the drivers are all up to date, reboot the laptop and plug it in again. If this doesn't resolve the problem, uninstall "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery" completely and reboot.
Windows Power Management

Fix 5. Let the computer cool down.
If your laptop battery feels very hot to the touch, excess heat could be interfering with the charging process.
Shut down the computer and let it sit for several minutes to cool down. If you haven't cleaned your laptop vents recently, blow a can of compressed air into the fan vents at an angle, in short bursts, to remove some dust.
Do not blow directly into the fan vents, only at an angle, or you could damage the fan.
If you are comfortable disassembling your laptop, you can use the compressed air to blow away internal dust directly.

Fix 6. Replace the charger.
Sometimes the adapter (the box in the cord) is faulty, or despite your best efforts you can't repair a loose plug. Try borrowing a friend's charger, or asking an computer store employee to test your charger. If your charger is faulty, buy a new part from a computer or electronics store.

Fix 7. Fully charge your battery
If your battery can't hold its charge anymore and drains extremely fast, you might be able to save it by doing a full recharge. You'll need to completely drain the battery for this to work, so once it reaches zero percent, keep turning it back on until it doesn't even have enough power to boot. Now, plug in the power cord and let the battery charge for at least 12 hours.

I hope this helps.



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