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Is this all eight?

2019/05/14 01:34
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Does this TotalPCCare include everything you bought, PC Reviver, Security Reviver, Privacy Reviver, Registry Reviver, Driver Reviver, Instollsafe, Mac Reviver? And the price of all eight things I bought myself, how much, do you hear discounts? Please tell me the total price of eight total discounted prices.
Operating System:
Windows 8.1
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Answered by
Lokesh Yadav
2019/05/18 07:12

Total PC Care includes year-round access to all of ReviverSoft’s computer care tools. They safely repair most common PC problems and keep your PC running like it should.

It has features like:
  • Automatically optimizes your PC’s performance and stability
  • Ditches the wasteful clutter that consumes storage space, slowing you down
  • Cleans your disk, streamlines and updates your drivers
  • Guards your security and privacy as it scans for harmful threats

PC Reviver includes advanced tools that will perform a comprehensive and complete scan to find and quickly fix any stability or performance-slowing issues in your PC’s operating system.
Registry Reviver will repair, maintain and optimize your registry to restore optimum efficiency and effectiveness to authorized files on your PC, keeping its “house” in order. Enjoy a shorter startup process as Registry Reviver scans your registry for issues that slow it down.

A Protective Housekeeper

Disk Reviver can clean junk files, temporary files, and other unnecessary data, freeing up valuable disk space and improving performance. It also helps you identify and remove duplicate files on your computer and protect your hard drive from future problems.
Driver Reviver does another kind of cleanup. It scans your PC to identify out of date and obsolete drivers, one of the most common causes of PC hardware issues. Identify and update your drivers with the manufacturer’s original driver using Driver Reviver. Keep your drivers up to date and enjoy a faster, more functional PC without the guesswork.

A Vigilant Guardian

Security Reviver identifies all current threats and vulnerabilities on your PC and will neutralize them quickly and easily. It then constantly monitors your PC to ensure you stay protected against future infection.
Privacy Reviver protects your digital footprint on the Internet, acting as a security detail for your PC. It scans your computer for potential privacy issues and helps you fix them before they cause any harm. It guards against identity theft by showing you where the sensitive information like phone numbers, emails, physical addresses and credit card details is stored on your computer.
InstallSafe acts as your security gatekeeper. Install any application and know that InstallSafe has got your back. It will pick up on any unwanted changes to your computer, letting you decide whether to proceed after identifying its level of risk. InstallSafe also allows you to scan for and remove Browser Add-Ons for Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
And for Mac owners...

The Best Mac Care.

MacReviver is your one-stop-shop tool for your Mac. Keep it clean, optimized, and restore lost performance and stability in minutes. Get an extra layer of security & peace of mind with the Anti-Theft Protection feature. Put your Mac in safe hands with MacReviver.

Plus More Free Extras

Besides the main suite of tools, Total PC Care gives you several free extras:
Battery Optimizer: Manage and monitor laptop battery usage, create profiles for specific usage situations and get more life from your laptop battery.
Start Menu Reviver: Create a customizable Start menu so you can choose which programs and services launch on Windows Startup. Improves boot times and overall PC performance and stability.

Get $270 worth of software for one low price. Optimize your PC’s performance and avoid the need for expensive hardware upgrades with Total PC Care.Once you’ve experienced Total PC Care, you will notice that some things are different.
  • Your programs are loading a lot faster.
  • You’re getting your tasks done more efficiently.
  • You’re spending way less time (and money) on troubleshooting.


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